Friday, September 18, 2009

Follow Friday

In correlation with the ever popular Twitter celebration, Follow Friday- in which people tweet their favorite twitter friends, in order that others will follow them as well, I thought I would bring the Follow Friday goodness to the blog.

Then Heather said, “Here are a few of my favorite blogs.”

Each Friday, I plan to post a review of one of my favorite blogs to read.  Nothing too complicated, just explanation, description and a campaign for your readership in a few quick sentences [ok- who I am kidding- I am long winded and I don’t mind being carried away on occasion- a few short sentences is possibly an understatement.] 

And, in the interest of sharing AND being the kind of girl that, while loving to give, also definitely likes to receive, if you have a blog of your own that you think I would enjoy reading, PLEASE share it with me.  And if you have a list of blogs of others’ you enjoy reading and think I will too, PLEASE share that with me too. 

So- without further ado…

Then Heather said, “Check this blog out!”

Name of Blog: Ministry So Fabulous
Blog Address:
Twitter of blogger: amybethbullard

The basics:  ABB lives in Tennessee and has more southern charm than a peach cobbler. (and let me tell you- I like my cobbler.)  Her daily peaks (short posts including a photo and a few sentences) are often relatable giggle-fests shared between her faithful readers spread across the globe.  And as for her longer blog posts – she never fails to leave me either in-stitches of true lol-age, in-awe of her kind, loving heart, or in gratitude for her vulnerable honesty in sharing her struggles and desires.  And every post I read leaves me wanting more. 

For a girl in her mid-20’s, her ministry-resume long surpasses what most would call “normal” and as a former youth pastor, I find myself nodding in agreement to so much of what she has said about her experiences.  ABB has a beautiful, bountiful soul- and I strive to be the kind of giver she has exampled (both in generosity and in the ability she has to give the most perfect themed gifts ever- one of my never-ending-goals for my life.)

Big Hair, Big Heart, Big Laughs: the variety of tone in the entries on Ministry So Fabulous has left me in lighthearted laughter, heart-warmed tears, eager for detail, especially excited and motivated to make changes in my own life.

And if I still haven’t interested you- let me tell you this:  she’s recently met a British boy with a delightful accent chronicled in videos posted on the blog. Also- she has two adorable puppies and recently noted, a friend who looks like Ryan Gosling.  Go. Now. 


  1. This is hilarious. Thank you!

    (And I've never had cobbler. Seriously!)

  2. Already following her on Twitter! Loving it. :)

  3. LOVE THIS IDEA. Make a button and I'll do Follow Friday posts myself :) Heck, I might either way :)

    I love ABB. She sent me an email a month or two back and I literally 'fan girled' while Mr Bea looked at me like I was f'n nuts. It was amazing.


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