Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plan C

[Disclaimer: I am currently blogging by blackberry through email- this is means not html coding and therefore, I can't add hyperlinks to my posts. So please forgive my old school referencing sites by way of full web addresses for a bit. Also, please forgive all of my grammar and spelling errors- they bug me more after I find them post-publish than they could EVER annoy you. That's a promise.]

If you follow me on twitter you know that today had a plan.
It was simple: job 1, job 2, and girlsnightout for a late night happy hour after closing.

Okay- a few things here for some new-reader back story.

1. I work a full time day job 8-5 M-F. I love it.

2. I also have a part time job at a popular shoe store in which my hours vary each week, sometimes drasticly.
3. These girls nights after closing are me and my manager from job #2 at chilis- where from 9-midnight they have 2 for 1 wine. I call these nights, nights-o-boyscouting, as the original idea of the GNO was indeed to scout boys. Guys at Chilis bar on a tuesday night usually = a) guys on dates with their girlfriends of several years, b) guys traveling for work who keep their eyes on the laptop, or c) a group of JV football couches, all of whom are married, who meet for beer and baseball after their own teams lose.

Boyscouting in itself has been a bit of a losing situation- but we always have good conversation and enjoy ourselves.

Back to my plan.

Work. Work. Wine. (And whine? Perhaps!)

Well, my car seems to have wanting some spa-time, because its currently in being "worked on". (Another story too unimportant to tell- unless you want to hear about the time my co-worker suggest I just drive with the air on high. All winter long. In upstate NY. We aren't in Texas anymore, toto.)

So I called into the store and told them I wouldn't be making it in tonight and also our Boyscouting adventure would need to be rain checked.

And then I started to get excited.
I made a NEW plan.
This plan involved me, pajamas, chocolate soy milk iced coffee (thanks to Tina for THAT wonderful suggestion), and some quality time with Mr. Josh Lyman.
And I was thrilled. A night of rest, relaxation, and dramatized political stories.

Several hours later, as I walked up the stairs to my apartment, I thought about what was about to happen.

And then I thought about a blog of Caitlin's I read today and I started hearing myself say her mantras to myself. Specificly "you never regret a work out" and "this is the line between..."

And I knew she was right.
This week is busy, and I already feel like I don't have enough time OR energy to get the running I want to get in- the running I NEED to get in to stay committed to my goals.
And here a completely open evening presented its self and I was going to let it pass me by?

Maybe the old Heather, who didn't make herself, her dreams, her desires a priority.
Maybe the old Heather, who waited around and didn't make the time for herself.
But not this Heather.
This Heather knows what she wants and she's out to get it.

And so, as I type this, waiting for my pre-run fuel snack to settle, and preparing to lace up my new running shoes, i've entered into plan C.

Run. Stretch. Dinner with Josh Lyman. Dishes. Rest. Bed.

I am commited to my health, my goals, my desires and MY life.

And I am proud to say third plans a charm.


  1. EXCELLENT! I am super proud of you. This is the best choice you could make and you are going to be SO glad you made it!!!

    Let me know how it goes. You WILL run a mile tonight!

  2. Ha ha... a group of jv football coaches. Too funny.

    Plan C sounds like a winner! And I see you ran a mile. AWESOME!

  3. I love plan C!! This is your time! Keep it up love. Ps. That milkshake sounds delicious.

  4. I need to start following Plan C. I bought a membership to the wellness center, hoping the $50 a month it takes from my bank account will encourage me to get there more often. So far it hasn't worked quite as planned, but we'll see.

    Good on you for following through!


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