Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The last few weeks I’ve been taking some walks down memory lane.

After I shared the story of the romance between myself and the elusive green books, I found myself flipping through them, remembering memories of making lists and living experiences to list about.

During a phone conversation with my dear friend Megan, a story of high school sparked a debate that only a yearbook reference could solve. Once I found an answer, I spent a little bit of time flipping through the pages recording my senior year, and wondering a few things about my experiences in a tiny little high school in a tiny little farming community in the rural mid-west.

This past weekend I decided it was time to get out my Halloween basket and jack-o-lantern candle holders. This took a bit of effort. It would seem that in my brilliance, I put all the holiday decorations together, meaning Halloween was stored with Christmas. It would also seem that I decided to build my leaning tower of belongings with a strong, sturdy base; which, of course, would be my box of Christmas decorations. In order to get to said holders of candles and basket, I needed to deconstruct the great pyramid-o-storage space and get to the bottom of things; which in this case, was quite literally, getting to the bottom of things.

During my great expedition, I came across a box of old journals and notebooks. You would think I put them in a safe place to come back to later and continued on to the holiday-decorations-treasure-chest, finding what I needed, and put everything else back in it’s rightful place so that I could get to my bedroom without pretending I am an Olympic hurdler. Well, if you did think that, you would be wrong. [which is probably why up until yesterday morning, I had six piles of boxes, papers, and “stuff” in my dining area.]

Instead of following through with my plans of getting what I needed, putting humpty-dumpty back together again sans the King’s horses and men, and going about my weekend to-do, I sat on the floor in my kitchen and flipped through journals, notebooks, and sketchpads of the last 8 years.

One of the journals in the box was from the beginning of 2009. The first page starts, “1-1-09: Happy 2009.” It was a new year, I was in a new region, and I just signed a new contract for work. It was all new. And on the third of January, I wrote a list. (I know you are shocked.) Apparently, “Today I read about an awesome idea on a blog. 101 in 1001. make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, which is about 2.75 years. Here I go: 101 things to do in 1001 days. [10-1-2011]”

As I read over my list I realized that a few of the items made the cut because they were planned to happen; Get married, visit Disneyworld, etc. Other items on the list I had totally forgotten about! So far, I’ve completed 10 items on the list. And if my calculations are correct, I have 735 days to complete the remaining 91 items; roughly this is one every 8 days.

Now I know that some of these items may never get accomplished and I shouldn’t try to push them along to have them done in time (for example: get married sure looked like a sure shot in January when I made the list…now…not so much.) However, I think it would be an entertaining and worthwhile challenge to try to accomplish one of these items each week or so for the next two years. It will take some planning. It will take some enthusiasm. And it will damn sure take some documenting for this here blog.

So the list ( things I’ve done are bolded & italicized ) :

Then Heather Said, "101 in 1001"

1. visit Disney World
2. get married
3. get a new cell phone
4. buy a stranger coffee
5. get a pedicure
6. go to a wine tasting
7. leave a $20 tip on a meal less than $20 in cost
8. get a passport
9. push a baby in a stroller
10. fund a Roth IRA
11. go to a karaoke bar
12. watch My Fair Lady
13. drive my own car
14. knit a scarf
15. bake a real apple pie from scratch
16. have a homemade Christmas
17. take a class/lessons
18. wear a tie
19. find a doctor to call “my doctor”
20. send a card to a random address from the phone book
21. go to a MLB game
22. vacation at the Nation’s capitol
23. make Isabel a blanket (Isabel is my friends’ baby, whom I adore)
24. spend a full hour in silent meditation
25. catch a fish
26. get a personal computer
27. make a necklace
28. make homemade ice cream
29. see a live comic show
30. visit a zoo
31. wear red lip color
32. see off-Broadway musical
33. eat sushi
34. go to NY State Museum

35. go skiing
36. create secret handshake
37. go to a reading by a published author
38. stand in Times Square
39. visit PCC
40. play bingo
41. toss a football
42. feed the homeless
43. make fresh salsa
44. 10K
45. dance the night away
46. buy self a decent piece of jewelry
47. go hiking
48. get a raise
49. make a wreath
50. drink wine & read the Bible
51. get a bed
52. volunteer to decorate
53. sleep under the stars
54. see a 3D movie
55. re-memorize the US Presidents in numerical order
56. watch Gone with the Wind
57. read Catcher in the Rye
58. paint on canvas
59. visit orphanage in Mexico
60. learn to fold a fitted sheet
61. bob for apples
62. eat fresh cotton candy
63. kiss on a Ferris wheel
64. decorate Christmas tree with paper
65. eat jiffy pop near a campfire
66. find a local best girl friend
67. take Michael to Vegas (hmmm…about that.)
68. send “something” to “someone” (specifics hidden as “someone” reads blog)
69. wear pajamas to the movies
70. tie dye
71. share Jesus with a stranger
72. mix fresh lemonade
73. see another Badger game live (it’s been WAY too long)
74. play euchre
75. carve a pumpkin
76. give a toast
77. jump on a trampoline
78. donate blood
79. have a picnic in the park
80. read Captivating, again
81. read Wild at Heart, again
82. wear a ribbon in my hair
83. chew watermelon Bubblicious
84. go sledding
85. have a water balloon fight
86. buy a GOOD pair of shoes
87. make fudge
88. drink a milkshake with two straws
89. subscribe to Martha Stewart Living
90. Drink Jamba Juice
91. make a snowman
92. go a month without eating out
93. ride a horse
94. paint a wall
95. make truffles
96. pick berries
97. wear a smoky eye
98. watch a parade in person
99. play hopscotch
100. participate in benefit run/walk
101. fly a kite

What’s on your list? Anyone want to volunteer to do any of these things with me? Anyone want to volunteer for #66? How about #2? [just kidding]


  1. I would help you complete #66, if only I was local.
    And sweetie, we are both in search for #2.

    Message me your address. I wanna send you something. :)

  2. Sign me up for #21 MLB game and #35 go skiing! Also when you move to Dallas I'd love to do #66 :) :)

    #60 fold a fitted sheet can't be done!

    #79 can be done on our spark-ation. Also aren't we doing #100? I'm not sure if our 5K has a charity attached?

    Didn't you do #45 on your most recent trip to Dallas?

    This is great! I have no idea what I would put on my list.

  3. #55

    Sing to the tune of 1o little indians and you will have it in no time...even 6 year olds can learn them this way.

    Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison
    Monroe, Quincy Adams, Jackson, Van Buren,
    Harrison, Tyler, Polk and Taylor,
    Filmore, Pierce, Buchanan.

    Lincoln, Johnson, Grant and Hayes,
    Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison,
    McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson.
    Harding, Coolidge, Hoover.

    Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy,
    Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter.
    Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and OBAMA

  4. I LOVE the list. I am up for most of them, but definitely numbers: 6, 15, 21, 30, 42, 43, 45, 47, 58, 62, 79, 87, 95. We can knock out a few in November.

  5. Next time we are home/together I will teach you to fold a fitted sheet. I learned this past year and it made me feel like a champ.

  6. In addition. I have completed 26 things on your list this year. And at least four more will be done within the next month. Apparently, you need to work at camp, because it takes care of MANY of them.

    In regards to #50, we actually have a retreat coming up called Wine and the Word. Wine tastes, tours, drinking, and Bibles.

  7. I wish you lived in California, or I lived in New York. We could make a go at #66! (and many others along the way!) :)

  8. 90 on the way to 32. :]


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