Friday, October 16, 2009

A Different Kind of Follow Friday

I am currently seated at a local coffee shop just a few blocks from my apartment. It's small, and has local artists' work on the walls for purchase. A young man, most likely in high school, is playing an acoustic guitar and sharing a song list of cover, original, cover, original, cover.

I don't know if it's the two drinks I had at dinner, the euphoria of my best friend being here, or just simple talent: but I like him. He is strumming along, sharing his heart and his voice with a small crowd, and he looks like he is doing what matters- he looks as if THIS is what life is all about. His guitar, words like poetry flowing through the air and the auroma of espesso and hot cider surrounding. This is following some sort of path, some sort of idea, some sort of thought or feeling or knowing that this is happiness.

Today had been full of happiness.
Waking up to no alarm and remembering it was only friday and my weekend was one day longer.

Breakfast and daytime TV with one of my oldest friends, chit chatting about topics that barbara and whoopi and joy and the girls were discussing, and getting ready on my time for an afternoon of fun with my co-workers. Picking out a pumpkin and laughing with the people I spend each day with, and going to dinner with a few of my favorites. And now here, in this moment, with a Joshua Radin cover, soy pumpkin latte and Danielle.

And to think 3 months ago I was broken and scared and confused and sad, facing something I never thought happened in real life, but only in movies and television.

All this to say, if today is rough- know that the happiness is coming. Truth is, the happiness is OUT THERE, waiting for you to take ahold of the moment and seek it until you find it. In the small things. Because truly, that's what makes the happiness, things that seem small, but in truth are big.

The wonders of a small human growing inside of one of the most brillant, beautiful, and kind women you've ever met. And the fact that a friendship has lasted over a decade; despite distance. Reaching warmness thanks to steamed milk and hot espresso. And hearing people make music, not because they want more money or even to pay their bills, but because they truly love it and truly believe it can change the world. And maybe, just maybe it can. And knowing you are strong enough to survive the hard stuff, because you have before and you will again.

Today, I was going to point you to two of my very wonderful friends' blogs for follow friday- and although I think you SHOULD be reading them already, I'm going to save it for next week (sorry, ladies)because for all the blogs you could read, there is something else for you to follow. Happiness. And you should follow it to the core and to the death. Because it's out there for you, right this moment.

Trust that. And go find it.

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  1. I simply love this post. Fantastic! (I'm quoting it on my blog.)


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