Friday, October 9, 2009

Follow Friday

Number of Reasons you should be reading : 587,954,328 [at least]
Number of minutes I have allotted myself to write this post on a break at work: 16.25 [at most]
Number of Reasons you should be reading that I will be sharing with you: 7 [Can it be done?]

Seven Reasons why you should visit According to Nina:

1. Recipes – Nina features “stories on a plate” which share a recipe and a story/memory from said recipe. She also often shares easy, but DELICIOUS (trust me, I’ve tried) recipes that help her in a time crunch. Everything she shares is impressive.

2. what’s in my inbox – my favorite blog posts by Nina include information she receives by email. Coupon codes, great quotes, ideas, simple sweetness, bits of info. Everything she shares is valuable.

3. Target Tuesdays – anyone who tells you they don’t like target is a LIAR or in need of help. [ok. Maybe I’m just bias.] Nina shares her love for target by taking weekly trips and spotlighting some of her favorite finds. Everything she shares is on my Christmas list.

4. Bergdorf's To Bama by Leila – Nina has two regular contributors; the first is Leila. She has all the charm of a southern belle (born&raised) and all the sharpness of a chic city gal (where she recently departed to head back home to the south). Everything she shares is fabulous.

5. Jennifer's Kind Finds – the second is Jennifer. Jennifer finds something absolutely fabulous, and way out my price range, and scopes out a similar, nicely priced alternative. Same style, different price tag. Everything she shares is a steal-of-a-deal.

6. 3 C’s- Nina is classy, creative and clever. Scroll through the past posts and you will soon see what I mean. Everything she shares speaks of her character.

7. Ideas-a-plenty- Whether its home d├ęcor style, fashion finds, great gift picks, party decorations and menus, what blog to check out, or what to order at starbucks- it matters not. Everything she shares is an idea I want to try myself.

What are you waiting for? Go check out what Nina has to say.

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  1. OOHH MY GOODNESS... I'm BLUSHING BIG TIME!!!! How sweet of you!?! Millions and millions of thanks. I'm so glad you love my blog as much as I do ;) Big hugs!!!! And, thank you again from the bottom of my heart!


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