Thursday, October 29, 2009

My New Favorite [made up] Word

Then Heather Said, “I’m RUNGRY!”

Yesterday I worked my part-time retail job after working my full-time office job.
This means not getting home until 9:30 PM.
For some unexplainable reason, at 9:20ish I decided I had a craving. Shockingly not for BBQ Kettle Chips which I had been talking myself out of all day. Thankfully, that craving went away. But what I was craving was a run.

A run? Seriously? YES!
Enter my new favorite word: “Rungry”

Run.gry- [ruhng-gree], adjective. Having a desire, craving, or need for a run; Feeling runger. ;)

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It started the MOMENT I got in my car and the urge to jog got stronger and stronger, until I found myself changing into workout clothes, gloves and headband included.

I knew it was definitely too dark at 9:45 PM to go to the trail I normally run on, so I decided just to run on the main road in my little village- which was very well lit and safe (people were still sitting on the patio of the Irish pub and watching me from the coffee shop windows.) I had no idea the distance I would be running, or how long I would last, after being at work for over 14 hours. But I just had to get moving.

I started with a warm up speed walk for a bit, while on the phone with my friend Megan. Eventually, we decided to talk later, and I really picked up the pace. I didn’t time myself or really even set any goals. I just ran until I was ready to stretch. [its time I let you in on a little secret. I think the reason I wanted to run most of all, was because I really wanted a good stretch, and I’m a firm believer that cold stretches are not the best stretches. I would much rather jog for a bit in order to get a good stretch in for sore legs than just to stretch on its own.] All in all, I was out of the apartment for exactly 35 minutes.

Today, when I went to google maps to track my distance and see how many miles my little cardio jaunt managed to added to my week. It seems that all together, speed walking included, I completed 3 miles. I felt satisfied and had a good long stretching session while watching some television.

I think my running in town was a good change for me. A change of scenery and lack of quarter-mile markers assured I wasn’t running according to habit and I was able to challenge myself without keeping an eye on the clock. It felt so good just to get my legs moving and breathe in the cool air. I really enjoyed myself. [of course, after running until 10:16 PM, my body was wound up and NOT ready for bed until almost 1:00 AM- oops.

Then Heather Said, “Thanks Mom & Dad!”

When I got home from my run, I opened a package I received from my parents. My mom is an AWESOME care package creator! She sends a package for each holiday, and I was more than happy to open my Halloween present a few days early.

I got some very fun stuff, but I’m most excited about this:

My mom and dad sent me 10 different energy bars!; 7 Power Bars and 3 Balance Bars. I’m so thankful for my parents! Especially because they are so supportive with my healthy living lifestyle- supporting my running and being active! I’m pretty lucky to have such an awesome family. I was so touched that my parents included healthy stuff in my Halloween package to go along with my “best Heather ever” lifestyle. And to make things even better, I’ve never had Power Bars or Balance Bars so I was pretty intrigued!

The Balance Bar flavors are chocolate mint cookie crunch, cookie dough, and sweet & salty chocolate almond. The Power Bars were from 4 different Power Bar product lines “Fruit Smoothie” in creamy citrus, tangy tropical, and berry blast, “Harvest Whole Grain” in oatmeal raisin cookie and peanut butter chocolate chip, “Original Power Bar” in Oatmeal Raisin and a “Nut Naturals” Fruit and Nut Bar. I’m really excited about getting to use try all of these bars; you can look forward to some bar reviews in the near future!

Then Heather Said, “Drumroll Please!”

The winner of the Starbucks Thank You Giveaway is:

MichelleYPalmer! Email me your mailing address and I will put your Starbucks VIA Ready Brew and Passion Tea in the mail :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word about the giveaway!

What is your favorite kind of bar? Are you a classic granola lover? Do you have a certain brand or flavor you love the most? My favorite bar I've had so far is a toss up between the Ginger Snap Larabar and a Clif Nectar Bar (i like the pink ones best!) But I'm super excited to try a Glo Bar eventually!!

Also, i just have to ask- can you use 'runger' in a sentence ;) ???

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