Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soaring with the Greatest of Ease

A quick list of why my spirits are SOARING today.

1. My boss posted this note on my screen today to let me know how she feels about me :)

2.Caitlin posted some of my notes for my challenge on Operation Beautiful

Go see what else I posted.

3. Jessica wrote a post this morning sharing some memories and thoughts about when we first met. It was so encouraging to know our friendship has had lasting impact on her life :)

4. It seems like almost everyone in Blogland is on a path of following their dreams lately. Including my dear, dear friend Laura. She shared some VERY exciting news the past few days, and I am so stoked for her! (and PROUD of her!!!)

5. My best friend Danielle, will be here TOMORROW. Excited would be an understatement.

6. I was graced with a quick less than 2 minute phone call from my dear little Chelsea, a good friend back in Texas. I was sad that our conversation was so short: but hearing her voice made my whole day shine!

7. It's grocery shopping day. I LOVE grocery shopping day.

I'm in the mood to try something NEW! Do you have any suggestions for products/items I should try? I've been adding things to my grocery list ALL DAY LONG... What do you suggest?


  1. Cupcake mix! :)

    Haha, umm I have been in LOVE with Granny Smith apples and Nature Valley granola bars lately.

  2. The True North nut clusters are fantastic. I love the apple cinnamon flavored ones. I could snack on them ALL DAY.

    I love grocery shopping, as well. And, of course, the grocery list is half the fun.

  3. pumpkin...I've been cooking everything with pumpkin lately...bread, cupcakes, pancakes..yum!


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