Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

It's Top Ten Tuesday

1. You know my love for Operation Beautiful. Well you should definitely take some time to check it out today. Caitlin is collecting stories, experiences, and inspirations for the book now, and would love you to submit your POV. Tons of cool swag is available for some lucky submission contest winners. GO NOW.

2. Your thoughts on this? I’ve been doing some thinking about offering some free advertising to some internet businesses I truly believe in and support. There are a few internet friends (and some real life friends, too) whose work I really love and would love to lead some traffic their way. [if you have a product/service/business you think I may be interested in, please drop me an email] SOMEHOW, In the last few days, Then Heather Said has received almost 300 page views [this is quite shocking to me, but good shocking - I’m quite excited about it.] And I would love to be able to offer some good friends some name praise. Opinions on this?

3. Breakfast this morning was so yummy I just have to share it. I’ve been trying to add different things to my oatmeal each time I make it and this morning was definitely a winner. ½ c oats, ½ c water, ½ c vanilla soy milk topped with maple brown sugar granola, diced honey crisp apple, & cinnamon. It was perfect with my pumpkin spice coffee- such a delightful fall breakfast.

4. I am so thankful for my friends. On so many levels. I just received the SWEETEST email ever from my friend Stef. Thank you, dear. It warms my heart to know that I have such great, lovely, kind, gentle, AMAZING people in my life.

5. I want to know your favorite movie of all times. I was recently in a conversation with a group of co-workers and it was brought to our attention that I hadn’t seen ANY of their favorite movies. I, of course, have started a list of movies to watch – apparently I am missing out on some great cinema. Leave a comment with your favorite movie!

6. Things that Make Tuesday better: ordering fun new post-it’s for my pop-up dispenser, knowing I get to work with my dear friend Garielle at the mall tonight, wearing my hair in a new way (half back in a bow with cute polkadots), my pants being too big, lighting candles at my desk, knowing my BF is going to be here in just 9 sleeps (single digits, baby!), @chad_arnolds tweet about Brett Favre, peanut butter, and feeling ALIVE.

7. I’ve recently been struggling with the idea of God being just. 2 Thessalonians speaks of it. Some song I heard on the radio yesterday evening sang about it. We hear it in church, at bible study, on tv. And I am wrestling. I talked to an old friend about it last night, through tears. If God is just, that means my hurts, my pain, are justice for SOMETHING. What did I do? And how can I avoid doing it again? I don’t understand. And I am scared.

My beautiful, darling friend Rachel sent me this; “God does not explain himself. God reveals himself.” Not to get too preachy, but this blew me away. This is an attribute I remember aiding my falling in love with God, and I mustn’t turn away from it now.

Of course, this led to a-whole-nother thought process cycle of “didn’t God design me to be the kind of girl that wants to understand, that thirsts for knowledge, that would like an explaination? Or is this a sinful nature? Or both? Or neither.”

8. This Thursday, US Shipping is available at Glo Bakery. You know what this means? You could send me a Glo Bakery care package ;) Check out all of Angela’s delightful products and get ready to order yourself something wonderful.

9. This morning I’ve been listening to String Quartet Tribute to Dave Matthews Band and LOVING IT. I haven’t listened to this is several months and it is the perfect lobby music.

10. Just a reminder, the Super Internet Soup Swap is still looking for entries! Email your soup recipe to me at mooreshugar@gmail.com


  1. 9 sleeps... yeah!
    300 hits... yeah again!

  2. #1 - My favorite movie is Amazing Grace. Go here: http://www.amazinggracemovie.com/ag_moments_new.php and read the first comment. :) :) :)

    #2 - I loved Chad Arnold's tweet too! HA.

    #3 - 300 hits?! I am SO glad because at least that many people and many many more should be reading this blog because it is FANTASTIC.


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