Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bloggie Secret Santa

You can expect this post to be updated early monday morning with links and photos and general goodness- but for now I wanted to get this info out there ASAP for you all- so it's coming to you via blackberry :) aren't you excited??
EDIT: I am here. on a computer. making edits. You are even more excited now than you were before, right?

Remember Thursday when I mentioned a blogger secret santa swap?? Well- it started as a twitter poll and after MANY positive responses, I posted an "upcoming" post regarding the plans being in the works.

Friday morning I woke up to SEVERAL more comments, emails and twitter DM about the Secret Santa idea- and I was stoked!

Then Meghann twittered about a Secret Santa exchange. I was excited that word was spreading so quickly; but when I uploaded the link in her tweet, I was brought to Danielle's Blog.

Apparently great minds think alike, because Danielle was dreaming up a Bloggie Secret Santa as well.

After a quick twitter conversation with the fabulous Kat, I sent Danielle an email suggesting a merger; a double hosted blogger secret santa- and she happily agreed. A few emails have been exchanged, and we have decided to forgo the online exchange programs and hold an old fashioned "pull the name out of the hat" system.

You can read Danielle's gift exchange post here.

Would you be interested in participating this season? Danielle and I are excited to make it happen, and we are hoping YOU will join us.

If you haven't already done so, please email Danielle your name and address at with "Bloggie Secret Santa" in the subject line.

Just as a few guidelines, suggestions and extra info:

-Gifts can be homemade, and after reading all the comments & emails from you bloggers, I'm guessing a lot of gifts will support our "Foodie" namesakes ;). Some may consider some specific store items (as Danielle says- if only we all had a TJ's in our reach). And some may be something completely random that you know your receiver will love after spending time catching up/reading their posts- afterall, we have the BEST resources at the tips of our fingers to do some research to find the perfect gift!

-It's important to remember that it isn't the size of the gift, it's the thought that goes into them.

-While shopping, please keep in mind that you are in charge of postage prices; the heavier the package the higher the postage.

We encourage you to use your imagination and special blogger creativity to send along your absolute best to a fellow blogger.

We will be announcing the swaps two weeks from today on November 27th.

P.S. Would your blogging friends and/or readers like to join as well? Just link to this page and/or Danielle's page to share the love.

Have Fun with this and Happy holidays!!!


  1. I'm so excited about this!! If others are keen on it, it might help for each of the participants to do a "wish list" post...I'm sure I don't know everyone who's participating, and it would be helpful to have some ideas (i.e., stuff like "I don't have a TJs or Whole Foods" or "I'm allergic to gluten" or "I have a weird obsession with frogs"). Is that a good idea?

  2. I am so pumped!! I just emailed Danielle!!


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