Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can you view?

I think I finally have the photo issue figured out.
I'm not sure why, but Blogger didn't want a lot of you to see the photos I uploaded THROUGH the blogger site.
This was most frustrating because I could view the photos from both my work computer and my phone, but for some reason, no one else could.

So, I posted my photos on a different website and updated the photos in the last few posts streaming them directly from the other website.

Apparently, this seemed to have fixed the problem.
Can you see the photos in the last few posts now?

I'm sorry for the cruddy photo quality. I would REALLY like to use photobucket, google photos, snapfish or another photo uploading hosting site to upload photos from my camera for blogging use, but they are all blocked on my work computer. This is just ANOTHER of the many reasons why I really really really need to make the decision to invest in a personal computer.

I did write Santa a letter recently asking for a netbook or laptop to show up under the Christmas Tree this December. Hopefully it makes it to the North Pole. If I don't unwrap one on Christmas morning, I am definitely considering just making the leap and purchasing one.

I've gone a long time with out a personal computer, and I have managed just fine. Between my blackberry and using my work computer during lunch, I have still managed to blog several times a week, keep up with friends and family via social networking sites and email, and use google several hundred times a day. ;) But the more and more invested I become in this little blog, the stronger the desire for a computer of my own has become. I think I just need to do it.

The problem is, buying a computer STRESSES ME OUT. That's a lot of money for this thrifty girl who doesn't buy shoes unless they are on clearance (even though I get 40% off at the store in which I work), and refuses to buy her dishes at full price. (I'll wait for the Macy's sale, thanks. Even if it means having only two sets for several months, again, thanks.) How do I know I'm making a good decision? How do I know what I need or want? How do I know what will work best? How much software do I need to buy? How many years, or umm...days, until this will become outdated? Is this the right price? Can I barter here? Isn't there some kind of discount I can get because my heart was broken this year?

I'm a great shopper- I'm Cheap (edit: Thrifty!) i find the deals and I can fill a cart with $40 worth of product for $3.75- (it's been done!) But- this is SO HUGE. WHERE DO I START?

Ok- where do I start. Here. Give me your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions! Where should I look? What do you suggest? What do you love? What do you hate? I need to have a plan so I can start a "computer fund" jar ;)

[OR- maybe a millionaire will stumble upon this blog, sympathize and just send me a computer ;) That would be fine too.]


  1. Have you tried to see if is a blocked acct? Also, I just went through this whole deal of buying a computer. If you want non-expensive steer away from the MACS. HP customer service is horrid and hate all the 'freeware' crap they install on it before you get it. Sony is over priced for what they have. I narrowed mine down to a Dell Studio (their mid-line) and LOVE it. I run Photoshop, iTunes, FireFox, DVD all at the same time and it has no problems. But if you are just doing normal webbing, the Inspiron might be just fine for you as well. I would also purchase directly from the company instead of the Best Buy type store route, I find you get the best price and service from the company.... good luck! (sorry for the novel)!.

  2. Let me know what you find out about computer shopping because I'd like to do that soon too. I also need to look in to camera shopping soon.

  3. nope, no pictures.

    as for computers, i've had such terrible luck with microsoft that i finally switched to a mac. and those puppies are NOT cheap =\

  4. I got a basic Dell student laptop. If you look on their website they are selling them on payment plans. :) That is the only way I have a laptop.


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