Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Had Me at "The Bow"

I'm a self proclaimed "thrifty girl" and I can only remember one time I paid more than $15 for a pair of shoes, but I may have to splurge for the kate spade satin gift bow flats.

I'm serious here- I just took a look at all the shoes in my apartment- I splurged on my running shoes, and ended up getting the originally $122 on a 30% off already reduced clearance price plus an additional $10 off coupon for a smashing $34.

I once found a pair of flats I liked so much at wal-mart for $9 and ended up buying four pairs.

My yellow flats from my jenna cole photoshoot were marked down to $6, and I have four pairs of brown flats I bought from Journeys after they were marked down to $5 a pair. My knock-off Uggs were $12 and my standard black pumps were clearenced out to $10. My other four pairs of shoes I've received as gifts from sweet people in my life.

I can't decide if it's cool or sad that I've paid so little for my shoes.

And I can't decide if it's cool or sad that I can remember how much I've paid for each member of my shoe collection.

But I just found the pair of shoes that are going to change everything.

Today I sat, flipping through the December Elle, with my girl Sarah Jessica Parker* on the cover, and I came across a gift giving guide on page 201. I saw a necklace that made me squeal out loud- so, in true fashion, The Heather Said (to herself) "twitpic this!" And it was done. Kate Spade. Triple Strand. Gold Gift Bow Detailed Necklace. The kind of necklace I love love love, but I'm not sure why.

A few page flip & browses later and I land on page 216 where I find my breath fleeting and my heart stopping. Kate Spade Satin Gift Bow Detailed Slipper Flats. In a selection of colors. For $95. I'm pretty sure that the cost of all of my current flats put together total less than $95.hmmmmmmm.

BUT- and this is where I really start to love my neurotic list making habits- on my 101 in 1001 list, which I wrote over 11 months ago, I seemed to have written, "purchase self a GOOD pair of shoes". And I think that shoes that cost $95 may just qualify as good.

NOW- if I had a computer at my home, you would be lucky enough to see these dream satin gift bow detailed slipper flats- but alas, I am blogging via blackberry and you will have to either trust me, open up a google browser, or wait until 7:45 AM tomorrow morning when I can get to a computer to post these beauties as soon as literally possible.

Until then, I'm going to dream up a few fundraisers to make myself some extra cash in order that I can follow through with this beautiful shoe scheme without having a spending induced panic attack- all creative suggestions will be greatly appreciated. ;)

EDIT: without any further delay, the necklace [and check out that matching ring above. a boy could propose to me with that cute little ring. ok. just kidding. Then Heather Said, "been there. done that. have the old ring sitting in a box to prove it ;)" (too soon to joke about that?)
I'm not having much luck finding the shoes, yet. And I forgot my copy of Elle at home- so on my lunch break I plan on running by the apartment, picking it up and getting you guys & girls a snap shot of the beauties. Seriously. You are going to squeal. I know it.

*seriously- I'm not joking around with Sarah Jessica Parker. She's my favorite celebrity. And while SATC sealed the deal, I loved her early on, from the moment I saw Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (And Don't even get me started on The Family Stone- it's fabulous) I've thrown parties to celebrate her birthday at my apartment three years (however, I was kind of an "any reason for a theme party" kind of girl) and I once told my friend Trav I wouldn't be friends with him anymore if he didn't stop making rude comments about SJP. And if you are feeling daring, google the video for the interview Isaac Mizrahi had with her- delightful! (It may be available on - where they once said MY FULL NAME during a video segment. It was my 15 minutes :) ) anyway- end of spiel.


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  2. Hi Heather! I'm a new follower. I just have to say- I love your blog!


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