Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joining the Whittlers

Angela has started yet another blogger trend.
The Whittle My Middle challenge.

Yesterday, in my Ten To-Do’s to Become a Better Runner- I mentioned my needing to do some Core work- so you can bet your bippy I agreed to participate in the challenge.

In Ange’s challenge includes pictures, measurements and core work. More specificly, 6-10 minute core workouts 5 days a week. She lists 6 different exercises she plans to do each day during her workouts- a few of which use a stability ball.

I myself do not have a stability ball, so I planned on doing some substitution exercises. Soon after I decided this, I saw a tweet from my friend Kristin asking for some stability ball-free core ideas – I replied that I am making my own workout and Kristin and my new blog friend , the Queen, both asked me to post the details of my core workout on Then Heather Said- so here I am.

My Core Workout will be 6-10 minute core workouts 5 days a week and include the following exercises, which I have embedded with links to “how to’s” from sparkpeople:

Dumbbell Crunches

Hip Flexor and Extensions

Lying Straight Leg Raises



Side Planks


I'm not going to lie [afterall, we did just talk about honesty!] - I'm a bit terrified of this Whittle My Middle 30 day plan! I haven't focused on core work in a really long time, and I know I'm going to be quite sore, especially at the start, but I also know that's a GREAT PLACE TO BE. The soreness means it's working. [this may become my mantra for the next month]

Great News- you don't have to be a blogger to Whittle Your Middle, and I've just proven you don't need a stability ball ;) - what do you say, will you join the Whittlers with me? Want more reason to join the challenge rather than "everyones doing it? Here's an article about why a strong core is a good thing! So- are you in?


  1. WOW! I don't think my blog has ever been mentioned on another blog before! Thanks!

  2. I'm going to try and incorporate this challenge into the other ones I'm doing! Should be fun...I want a flat tummy.

  3. I had a free training session a month ago and the trainer really stressed doing core work. I'll have to check out Oh She Glows so I can join this challenge. :)


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