Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre Holiday Hilarity

The Girl Who Couldn't Dance

After tweeting, "Question of the day: what music will hung-over heather choose to listen to in order to get her through the day", she decided on Pandora's Glee Cast radio, via blackberry, of course.

The last time she listened to Pandora on her blackberry was in her kitchen, last week, while baking for a birthday celebration. 

One thing you should know about Heather is that she likes to dance. She has very little rhythm and looks awkward every song, but that doesn't stop her. She dances while she brushes her teeth, she dances while she sells shoes, she dances in her chair as she is keeping up with her correspondence.  She can't help it- when there is music, she dances. The magic of the music gets a hold of her and her shoulders start to move. It ALWAYS starts in her shoulders.

So last Wednesday, while she baked cupcakes and glo bites galore, she listened to Pandora, on her blackberry, in her kitchen. And she danced. She felt her foot tap. And the wiggle. And the shimmy. And the shaking, and the quaking, and the spinning, and swaying, and turning and dipping. And while she danced, she sang along, often using her mixing spoon as a makeshift microphone and channeling her inner Miley.  And the volume for said Glee Cast radio was cranked. As high as it will go.  Which, considering we are talking about a blackberry here, is quite impressive. 

It should be noted that when sound in acoustics of her front office space [red stapler not included], really seems to carry.  This theory of carried tune was proven this morning when a coworker surprised Heather.

As the "Glee Cast" Pandora station uploaded it's first selection, the office staff's attention was forced towards Heather's desk.  One co-worker seemed especially interested.

He said, "Is that BUST A MOVE!?!?!?"
Then Heather Said, "sure is."
With what she could only describe as the excitement of receiving an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, he said, "I haven't heard this song since high school!! It's was my FAVORITE!"

Of course it was.

She mentally cursed the blackberry screen for showing her the busy, spinning hourglass as she continued to smash the "volume down button", hoping to intercept what her overtired imagination believed was coming- an office wide dance party featuring one too many "engineer dance moves" spotlighted down the hall turned runway. And, her biggest fear, her own I can't fight the music, dancing secret revealed. 

But it was no use- she felt her foot begin to tap. The wiggle.  The shimmy. And before she knew it her hips were shaking and her shoulders quaking, leading her to STAND UP and spin, and sway, and turn, and dip.  Until she channeled her inner Rhianna and was begging, "Please, don't stop the music!"

Then Heather Said, "Yes. I am going to get through today just fabulously."

It's the little things- like uniting over an over karaoked song, a maple frosted donut, Trivia Wednesday, and feeling the urge to dance even after a night of very little sleep.  It's the little things that keep me LOVING each day, in a town where I know very few people, feel homesick each night and often question, "What am I doing here?"  I am dancing. I am dancing here.  And that is enough for me.


  1. Wonderful :)

    I'm rocking out to Ike via my ipod during my prep... preparing for tonight's festivities. Miss you!


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