Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sterotypical Female

A few years ago, when I lived in Beaumont, I had a very close gal pal, Lacey.

When we went on a two day road trip, she packed in the largest suitcase I've ever seen. It was gigantic. So large, in fact, that upon arrival to load the vehicle, our friend Kyle asked her if we were driving her suitcase to our destination.

This little "your luggage is the size of a mini-cooper" joke continued on through every trip we've ever taken together, and I still smile at the memory. Oh Lace, and her volkswagon of a suitcase.

I find it especially charming tonight, errrr, this morning, as I'm preparing for my trip to Boston tomorrow.

Here's a short informational review:
- according to google maps, our hotel in Boston is 3 hours and 1 minute away from my office.
- I am leaving work at 2:00 PM tomorrow and making the drive to meet Stef & Laura
- we are running a race sunday morning, and plan on departing each others company soon after crossing the finish line.
- therefore, my departure from Boston will be less than 48 hours from my departure from work

A duffle bag would serve me well, right?

Oh, no doubt, I agree. My duffle is packed with all my race stuff. and some extra "just-in-case" work out gear.

My large weekender bag is packed with my other clothes. As if I was going away for several days, errrr, weeks. And three pairs of shoes. Cause, you know, I'm going to be there less than two days, yet I may need three pairs of shoes, four if you include my running shoes.

I also have two large reusable grocery bags filled with snacks and breakfast items for the hotel room. I'm not racing without my normal breakfast options. That's just not going to happen. Also, I'm bringing all four types of peanut butter I have in my apartment; you know, just in case. And 13 various snack/energy/nutrition bars. 13. Just. In. Case.

Speaking of case, I can't forget my traincase. Filled with tolietries and make up. Nevermind that I wear make up about 6 times a year. This weekend may be one of those times, right?

And then we have my all time favorite solo-road trip travel companion; that which clearly signifies my being called odd.
My laundry basket.
Here's the truth- I LOVE LAUNDRY BASKETS. It's my favorite piece of luggage.

You may be thinking that I have clothes in my laundry basket. You would be WRONG.

My laundry basket will sit in my passenger seat as I travel to Boston. In the laundry basket are items falling into one of two categories.

1) things I will/might/could potentionally need during my drive. My operation beautiful kit, my water bottle, a paper copy of directions incase my gps freezes up, select CDs, advil, a jar of change for tolls or coffee stops, a paper cutter, a stack of magazines, perfume, my purse and camera, etc.

2) Things I don't want to get ruined during transit and therefore need to keep an eye on. Like a present. Or fresh flowers. Or a globe. Or my race registration confirmation paperwork.

The laundry basket in the front seat should be a Then Heather Said trademark, but the truth is, the laundry basket doesn't just accompany road trips.

I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think it all started in the dorm, when I was an RA. I would be working on an art/craft/class/bulletin board project in my room, not want to stop, and need/want to go to the lounge- so I would load up the basket and be on my merry way.

I also do this at my parents house. When I want to work downstairs but all my stuff is upstairs - just load up the laundry basket.

When I was a personal attendant for my former roommates wedding, I carried a laundry basket from one location to the next; loading it up in the morning with things I needed to drop off at various locations throughout the day.

The laundry basket has helped me cart bachelorette party stuff, decorations and favors to my black & silver 25th bday party, art supplies and treats to my small group, and just a bunch of junk to the office.

I love the laundry basket- and I think you might love it too. It's for more than just laundry. :)

And clearly, I should go to bed now as the laundry basket, traincase, grocery bags, weekender, and duffle are all packed and ready for my < 48 hour trip.

Do you tend to overpack or underpack for trips? What's one thing you never leave home without? Are you willing to try the laundry basket method??
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  1. I LOVE you and your laundry basket and yes it is a trademark of you. Overpacking is better than UNDERpacking cause you KNOW when you get somewhere and need something you forgot it is just infuriating. I HATE forgetting things.

  2. I always overpack! I am doing my first 5k this weekend!! And I am going to Houston, which as you know is only a couple hours away. I am only staying overnight. The contents of my bag include: 4 tank tops, 3 t shirts, 1 pair of undies, 2 bras, 3 pair of shoes, pjs, and knick knacks. :) I like to think I got that from you.

    And as far as the laundry basket thing, well...I remember it being at your 25th birthday. It was practically a guest. I mean, it did have it's own chair.

  3. Hahaha. Heather, should it ever happen that you and I decide to drive somewhere, just remind me that there will never be room for two laundry baskets in one car.

    Since meeting Mr Bea, I've tried to keep my over-packing hidden. He has no idea what he's in for on our honeymoon... :)

  4. I've seen the Heather laundry basket many a times, and I really cannot imagine you without it.
    have so much fun in Boston, friend!!

  5. Enjoy Boston!!! I love living here. Boston is such a fun city. So many things to see and do, and places to eat. :)

  6. Cute post! I actually do not overpack, I hate carrying around extra stuff.


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