Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

1. As I've mentinoed before, this week at work is "Super Crazy Busy" week. We are hosting a training at our office, which means we have a bunch of extra guys here, learning things. And it means I have been up REALLY early in order to get to the office REALLY early in order to unload my car and prepare everything that needs to be done for their classes.

2. I am RUNGRY. Do you remember when I posted about being rungry? Well, it's back. I want to run SO BADLY right now. I had planned on running last night, but my plans got changed because of catering arrangements and luncheon pick ups and such. I wanted to run this morning, but I was already planning on being at the office WAY before the sun was rising, which meant a REALLY early wake up. I want to run this evening, but I am scheduled to work at the mall. So - tomorrow night I am DETERMINED to have a great run. I can feel the need to run down to my BONES. and i love love love LOVE that I have come to love running so much that I truly miss it when I've gone more than 2 days between runs. [my last run was a 5 mile interval run in the rain Saturday morning.]

3. Also- as i've talked about a few times before, usually, I spend evenings alone. Most of the time at my apartment. Besides working at the mall, I don't really have a lot going on with my peers- and lately, my nights are filled with keeping up with my long distance friends, clearing out the google reader (an always reappearing todo list goal), and whittling my middle while watching some sort of hour long TV drama [mondays it's the WB, thursdays it's ABC]. But THIS WEEK IS DIFFERENT. My week is JAM PACKED- and that's aokay with me.

4. Yesterday, as I've mentioned, I had to take care of some stuff for the training, and I also had a very quick, and very fun dinner with Jen. Tonight, as previously mentioned, I work at my part-time retail job. Tomorrow night I'm attending an open mic night at a coffee shop near my house. Thursday I have the training is over celebratory drinks and dinner, followed by a group of us going to see Alfred Hitcock's 39 Steps at the Proctors Theater [I am VERY excited about this!]. Friday night I work at the mall again. I SERIOUSLY can not remember the last time all 5 of my week nights were booked in one week. I'm pretty excited because I have a feeling this means the weekend will get here VERY quickly.

5. Did you think I forgot about the 101 in 1001 list? Well, good news- I didn't forget. The last race I ran, the one I've YET to recap, I wore a ribbon in my hair:

But I'll fill you in on the details of said ribbon when the recap happens. You are probably thinking that I am a procastinator and not posting my recap becauseof it. (ok- i admit it- i procrasinate. often, even.) But truth be told, I'm waiting for someone else to upload her photos from the race, since my camera's batteries did not last. [consider this a gentle reminder ;) jk- no rush!]

6. I have been on the look out for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar since I first saw Tina post about it this past summer. FINALLY, I found it last night at a local Hannaford grocery store.

7. Remember when Meghann [and a few awesome other bloggers] entered the Sam-E Good Mood Gig contest?? Well, Meghann made it into the top twenty and therefore is now in the finals for the contest. Please, take a few minutes and Vote for Meghann here! You can vote once every day- so if you wanted t0 add a bookmark and visit everyday, I'm sure that would be a-okay with Meghann!

8. Have you heard about the Bloggie Secret Santa? Find out more info here or here. [or both!!]
9. Perhaps you know these two girls. Nicci and Kelsey. These two lovely bloggers live in Denton, Texas, which just so happens to be the town where my parents and younger brother now call home. Since I will be in Denton for the weekend of Christmas, we are arranging a blogger meet up - and I am STOKED.

source: you can read all about her and Nicci's last meet up here and here!

Do you live in the Dallas area and want to meet up with us? PLEASE let us know- we'd love to meet you!

10. On a normal day this is what i would eat at work:

breakfast (sometimes before work- sometimes at work): oatmeal- prepared with 1/3 c oats, 1/3 c water, and 1/3 cup soy milk. Topped with something yummy. For example- my fav combo as of late is 1 TB grapenuts, 1 tsp maple pb, and 1 tsp brown sugar. tea or coffee. usually in a latte form.
snack: fruit and cheese. yogurt. bar. carrots and pb. etc.
lunch: salad or leftovers or sandwich with one fruit or one veggietable serving on the side.
snack: something I can trick myself into think its dessert: such as a larabar, a pear with choc PB, or piece of cinnamon toast.

Now. This is what I have had today.

before i left the house: oatmeal mixture mentioned above.
in my morning meeting: pistachio walnut muffin and chai latte.
mid morning: about a cup of red grapes.
late morning: pomegranted chobani with 1/4 cup granola.
noon: piece of italian bread dipped in sauce.
currently eating lunch: salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber w/vinegar dressing), baked ziti, two more pieces of bread. [from our luncheon]

It doesn't really seem like a lot of food right there, and it's nothing I'm freaking out about, but I'm just curious by it;

I think that I may be having a "stress eating" problem. I feel like everytime I slow down today, I'm starving and needing to eat something ASAP. This interests me. Have I been doing this my whole life? Is this where my struggle with weight gain came from in my late teens/early twenties [when my "stress" levels also seemed to increase]? Am I allowing food to comfort me even if it's not what I would call my "comfort food"? And if so- why?

Let's discuss this:
Do you turn to food for more than just nutrition and fueling your body? Does food fuel your soul or is that a myth we tell ourselves and grow up thinking is true?

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  1. It seems a few of us are struggling with the notion of food for feelings. I do think that somethimes I eat something due to how I perceive it will make me feel, but is it really making me feel any certain way? Healthy foods make me feel good and healthy, while unhealthy eating makes me feel blaugh. Am I eating because I'm tired or out of habit or am I eating because I'm hungry. I need to add a little more mindfulness into my eating habits.


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