Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday
Ten Things I Will Be Doing on Thanksgiving:
1. Waking up super early to head to Arlington, Vermont. I've never been to Vermont before, so this will be a milestone trip ;)
2. Running in the Arlington, VT Running of the Turkeys 5K Road Race. This will mark my third state to race in since I stated my Fitness Bucket List Goal of running a race in every state. For this race I'm going to try and beat my 5K PR, of 33:49.
3. Writing out Christmas cards. Sending Christmas Cards is one of my favorite annual activities. I already have all the prepwork done- I've addressed all the envelopes and gotten out my red and green markers/pens. I'm also planning on spreading some operation beautiful love in my cards this year- it's such a wonderful cause that I truly believe in and I can't wait to incorporate it into my Celebration of Self Holiday Season.

4. Pizza & Ice Cream. When I am not with my family on Thanksgiving Day, I have a little tradition of eating my own special dinner. It started back in high school one November when my family traveled to Chicago and I stayed in Wisconsin, Having my dear friends Danielle and Jen over for a late Thanksgiving evening gathering- Red Baron Four Cheese Rising Crust Pizza and a Fudge Brownie topped with Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and Hot Fudge. It's TRADITION and I will (hopefully) be partaking in said tradition this year. Although- this year I plan on adding lots of veggies to the pizza, making a salad to accompany, and probably not eating anywhere near as much pizza as I used to back in the day. I've found that naturally my portion sizes have been growing smaller as I've been filling up on more WHOLE foods and watching my intake of protein and fiber each day, as well as staying well hydrated.
5. Watching Friends. I can't imagine anything more perfect to have on my TV than a collection of Thanksgiving Friends episodes. Nothing gets me laughing as much as Monica/Joey with turkeys on her/his head. And The One with the Football is one of my top five favorite episodes, so I'm sure that will be viewed, as well.


6. Getting Really Excited for the Bloggie Secret Santa- the deadline to sign up is FRIDAY. Make sure you email Danielle if you want to be involved in the swap! We would love to have you be apart of the gift exchange :)

7. Handprint Turkey. What more would you want?


8. Whittling My Middle. As the love hate relationship with this challenge continues. Thanks, Ange. I love you/despise you for thinking this up ;)

9. Posting on Gratitude. Along with 99% of bloggers in America. Can't wait to hear what you are all thankful for, too! :)

10. Going to bed at a decent hour. As clearly I have to work on Black Friday at the store. I plan on turning up my Holiday Spirit to FULL BLAST and spreading cheer to all ;) [also may wear reindeer antlers such as these:

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  1. I don't think Eric and Brett are going to go for a pizza meal for Thanksgiving, however I might have to do brownies and pick up peppermint stick ice cream :) And I'm sure my day will involve more veggies too, although I will have a sad face while eating them ;)


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