Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vegan Sneak Attack

This week, I brought a co-worker an apple.

He swore to Jen and I that he only liked Red Delicious apples and that he would never like another kind of apple.

Then Heather Said, "Ummmmm....hello??? Are you doubting the power of the Honeycrisp?"

So Tuesday, I brought him a Honeycrisp and SURE ENOUGH- he now likes "two kinds of apples, afterall."


Last fall, when my former fiance and I were deep in the midst of wedding planning, we discussed a cookie/coffee bar at the reception. I had high ambitions back then (hell- I had a future husband back then ;) ) and I was planning on baking all the cookies by myself. In order to decide what kind of cookies to include on the bar of yumminess, I started experimenting with every recipe that looked fabulous and took them to work to be taste tested.

Soon, cookie testing days started falling on co-workers birthdays, becoming duel purpose treats and not too long after cookies became cupcakes, brownies and other treats.

It didn't take much time before I was unofficially declared the birthday baker, bringing treats to share in order to celebrate the birth of each of my co-workers.

After the whole apple lesson, we got in a bit of a discussion about my baking lately. We have an office birthday to celebrate tomorrow and the 'what to bake' conversation was in full force. I'm pretty sure there were some comments made regarding my wanting to "make everyone healthier" in the office. (While I was not the one to make said comments, I will not deny that this would be nice: how much easier would making healthy choices be if everyone around you made healthy choices too? THIS is one of my favorite things about talking to healthy living bloggers everyday.)

As the conversation continued, I mentioned something about vegan treats. Everyone in the room looked grossed out and two guys asked me what 'vegan' means. After some discussion, I was informed that my coworkers would NEVER eat, let alone enjoy, a vegan baked good. No dairy? No eggs? That must mean dry and tasteless, clearly! As many of you know; NOT THE CASE. The challenge wrote itself- afterall -even though I'm not participating, it is Blogger Vegan Week hosted by Michelle and Katy, and Thursday is Blogger Vegan for a Day. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to spring a sneak attack on my coworkers.

I turned to everyone's favorite vegan baker, Angela of Glo Bakery and Oh She Glows fame. I remembered two posts from several weeks ago that seemed to be ALL THE RAGE when Ange first posted them; her Glo Bites posts!

So tonight I got to work on both the vegan spiced pumpkin and PB&J glo bites
along with some chocolate vegan cupcakes. And, of course, being the trickster that I am- I don't plan on saying A THING about the vegan-ness of the treats until Friday :) (I am tricky like that!) Stay tuned for details on how it all pans out.

Have you ever tried to "trick" friends or family with a healthy version of an often unhealthy treat or snack?


  1. Nop, never tried but I could definitely make some vegan pancakes or something, just to see their reactions ahah Love the idea.
    I-m sure they'll love it ;)

  2. There was a vegan bakery/cafe close to my place in DC. You could NEVER tell the difference.

  3. Ahhhh honeycrisp=heaven

    Thank you SO MUCH for your support for #VeganWeek. I've learned so much over the past few days, not the least of which is the power of bloggers. I love reading your blog!


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