Friday, December 18, 2009

fireworks and fanfare.

Lately, I've been REALLY WORDY.
I know this shocks you if you've been reading for a while.
But seriously, my past few weeks of posts have spotlighted some long, drawn out opinions, stories, emotions, and details that go on and on and on.
Today at lunch, I logged into google analytics, as I usually do on my break, and noticed a large spike in new visitors. (HELLO there, new visitors!) Interesting....
Of course I went on the search to find where they were all coming from and thanks to the "traffic sources report" on Google analytics, I learned that all these first time visiting friends were being sent my way via Kath, who shared the package I recently sent her. [Thanks Kath ;) ]
The same thing happened when Caitlin mentioned my writing on twitter.
Long, wordy posts for the new visitors.
While I love writing (obviously) and I love sharing stories and parts of my life (obviously) I can't help but wish that there was something EXTRA SPECIAL AND SPECTACULAR for those visitors sent by the all-star bloggers (and maybe something sparkly).
It's not that I don't want to share into the depths with the new visitors- I do. But it's kind of like a dinner party;
If i were to send an invitation to a friend, asking them to bring a guest to my house for dinner, I would want to do everything in my power to make the guest feel welcome, comfortable and truly enjoy their experience. And I may use nice dishes and spend extra time whipping cream myself rather than using the spray can- because everyone deserves to feel extra special- both my friend and the guest. Extra touches, and sometimes sparkle, make the little things, the big things.

So- dear readers; old and new alike- Thank you for visiting.

And that I want to treat you that way, every day.


  1. I always think its weird how people find my blog - some of the searches? "Big Fish Lips," "Panera Broccoli Soup" "Ding Fries Are Done!"

    Happy Friday!

  2. Just wondering how you know how many people are visiting your site, how they found your site etc?? Let me in on your secret!


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