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Gift Guide; BSS & more

I just need to say, quickly, before we get too deep in post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARRIE :)

I wanted to put together a post of cool gift ideas I've found over the past few weeks for those of you who still haven't gotten your Bloggie Secret Santa a gift. But these gifts are not just for your favorite blogger friend- they would work for a multitude of people in your life (i just KNOW it!)

For my Bloggie Secret Santa gift, I have been trying to keep to a few “gift giving rules” I’ve set.

First off, because I don’t know the person I’m purchasing for very well, I made sure to spend a bit of time on her blog the last few weeks. As I’ve caught myself up on what my Bloggie friend is interested in, I’ve taken a few mental notes. Does your giftee participate in a certain activity or hobby? (reading, crafting, yoga, running, etc?) If your giftee posts photos of herself, does she gravitate towards a certain color palette? Does your giftee eat a certain specific diet? (GF, vegan, vegetarian, etc.)

The second thing I have been trying very hard to remember is that a Secret Santa gift is a great opportunity to give something IMPRACTICAL but still PRETTY DARN COOL. I think that Secret Santa gifting (and Christmas as a whole, really) is an opportunity to give the giftee something spectacular that they wouldn’t ever purchase for themselves. Some of my most favorite gifts I’ve gotten over the years have been things I NEVER would have spent the money on myself but truly cherished receiving. I tend to be a bit thrifty, and a self-proclaimed bargain hunter so it’s not very often I pay full price for something for my own personal use, let alone spend an extra few dollars on something extravagant. For example, it would take a lot for me to ever purchase a “gourmet” hot chocolate mix for over ten dollars for myself. But when I received one as a gift last Christmas, I treasured every sip of the warm, rich, frothy love in a mug. I want to look outside the “practical” and into the “fabulous” when purchasing a gift for my giftee.

The last rule I've set for myself is HAVE FUN! Christmas shopping can sometimes be a bit stressful- especially when you are trying to find the most perfect gift for everyone on your list. Add to it that you've probably never met your Secret Santa and you may very well just want to throw in your elf hat and call it a day! But I'm not letting that happen- I am trying very hard to enjoy every minute of shopping for my Secret Santa giftee.

Here are a few ideas I've come up with a few different people on my list; bloggie friends and others.

You Love Julie & Julia, Baking, and Pretty Things:

This apron classes up any and every kitchen. I can imagine a few people I know wearing this classy little number and holding a tray of cupcakes, offering one to each guest.

Let's face it, Antropologie is THE place to find pretty little things- and this trivet does not disappoint. I keep hearing that orange is the new pink- this darling little piece sure adds to that argument.

This plate is just one of the several design options in the Paint by Number Dessert Plate set. I would LOVE to hand these out to a trio of friends as they approach the dessert bar in my kitchen.

I Can't Stop Reading Your Blog, even when Most of Your Posts are Photos of Food:

Postcard Set by Emcee on Etsy - $12
I am a little bit obsessed with this post card set. You choose five designs from Emcee's postcards for your custom set- I'm loving the above along with one that reads "Reawaken Your Sense of Wonder; Let Curiosity Lead Your Life." 2010 Motto, much?

Photographers Necklace by JustJaynes on Etsy - $21
It seems like a bunch of my favorite bloggers have been getting new cameras to share wonderful photos on their blogs. And I know a few photographer friends who would love to add this to their key ring, charm bracelet, or jar of trinkets, too.

Blogs & Tea print by Jennifer Ramos on Etsy - $9.50
I know that Tina has a print which reads "i love you blogs and coffee" and I have been dreaming of the day I have a computer, desk space, and a designated "blogging scheduled" to order one myself to decorate my tiny office area. Isn't this just DARLING.

Your Personality makes me Smile and It should be Celebrated:

Me 2 a T plate by Em Tanner Designs - $28

Two of my very best friends are pregnant, and I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT to spend some time with their little ones and start to discover their individual and unique personalities - because you bet your bippy they will be getting some cute personalize plates by Em Tanner Designs one day. How cute would a personalize character plate be for your favorite blogger, but instead of adding their name, adding their blog abbreviation. KERF, HTP, CNC, etc?

Personalized Note Cards by Every Day Grace on Etsy - $12
OK- I just need to spend a minute telling you about Andrea from Every Day Grace. SHE IS AMAZING. I have worked with Andrea on several occasions in the past- for gifts for some of the people I love the most in this world- and can I just tell you that her customer service and quality of product are unparalleled to anything else I've experienced in the last several years. This girl is talented and beyond kind. She will go above and beyond to make sure your order is EXACTLY what you want it to be - and she is simply the most darling, sweet southern girl you will ever meet. Her products are all adorable and she never fails to surprise me with what she's working on next. GO CHECK OUT EVERY DAY GRACE.

Who doesn't want something this adorable, really? There are no other words.

You are the Very Definition of Foodie:

Foodie Fight from Spoon Sisters - $18.95
Every time I look at this game on the Spoon Sisters website (and let me tell you, I have looked at it many, many times) I can't seem to wonder if this should have been a Foodbuzz Festival Freebie. I'm just saying.

The Chef Set page Flags from Spoon Sisters - $5.95
These cute little sticky notes are perfect for the person who has a billion different cook books, likes to plan elaborate meals for a large group, or is type A down to the bone desiring beautiful organization. Perfection. Perfection. Perfection. (and inexpensive!)

Tina recently posted a giveaway from Organica Deluxe, and when I was searching through their website this Popcorn caught my eye immediately - salty, sweet and spicy? YES PLEASE!
You're One Part Scientist One Part Kitchen Dweller:

Built Oven Mitt and Pot Holders from Wrapables - $11.95-$14.95
Look Cool when the Oven is Hot. Had to go there.
Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack from Wrapables - $14.95
This is probably my favorite gadget I've ever come across while online shopping. The scoop & stack makes little cylinder's of ice cream. Little perfect cylinders. You can build TOWERS of ice cream cylinders. Who doesn't want to do that? (for some cool photos see the Lovely Room's post from July)

Self Leveling Measuring Spoons from Spoon Sisters - $13.75

I'm quite certain that these measuring spoons could quickly become a bakers best friend. I'm determined to find the measuring cup version, as well. I am so sick of dirtying a butter knife every single night as I move forward in the Cookie Challenge.
Now that I've shared some of my favorite gifts for this season- tell me; what's on YOUR wish list?


  1. This is such a great gift guide! If you happen to know the person, I love giving something personal (like running socks and a running necklace to your active friend, or a great book- or gift card to a bookstore- to a friend that likes to read). I think a bottle of alcohol or wine is always good for that office Secret Santa if you don't really know the person.

  2. So many of these gifts are absolutely adorable. I am bookmarking this page for the next time I am sending a gift to a blogger or foodie friend.

    Whoever you have for BSS is very lucky!

  3. i love all these gifts! I really like the picture frame about ''blogs and tea'' cute things. I can't wait to see who has me and give my gift to my person too.

  4. That apron is SUPER CUTE! I plan to make myself one as soon as I figure out my sewing machine!


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