Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sterotypical Female

A few years ago, when I lived in Beaumont, I had a very close gal pal, Lacey.

When we went on a two day road trip, she packed in the largest suitcase I've ever seen. It was gigantic. So large, in fact, that upon arrival to load the vehicle, our friend Kyle asked her if we were driving her suitcase to our destination.

This little "your luggage is the size of a mini-cooper" joke continued on through every trip we've ever taken together, and I still smile at the memory. Oh Lace, and her volkswagon of a suitcase.

I find it especially charming tonight, errrr, this morning, as I'm preparing for my trip to Boston tomorrow.

Here's a short informational review:
- according to google maps, our hotel in Boston is 3 hours and 1 minute away from my office.
- I am leaving work at 2:00 PM tomorrow and making the drive to meet Stef & Laura
- we are running a race sunday morning, and plan on departing each others company soon after crossing the finish line.
- therefore, my departure from Boston will be less than 48 hours from my departure from work

A duffle bag would serve me well, right?

Oh, no doubt, I agree. My duffle is packed with all my race stuff. and some extra "just-in-case" work out gear.

My large weekender bag is packed with my other clothes. As if I was going away for several days, errrr, weeks. And three pairs of shoes. Cause, you know, I'm going to be there less than two days, yet I may need three pairs of shoes, four if you include my running shoes.

I also have two large reusable grocery bags filled with snacks and breakfast items for the hotel room. I'm not racing without my normal breakfast options. That's just not going to happen. Also, I'm bringing all four types of peanut butter I have in my apartment; you know, just in case. And 13 various snack/energy/nutrition bars. 13. Just. In. Case.

Speaking of case, I can't forget my traincase. Filled with tolietries and make up. Nevermind that I wear make up about 6 times a year. This weekend may be one of those times, right?

And then we have my all time favorite solo-road trip travel companion; that which clearly signifies my being called odd.
My laundry basket.
Here's the truth- I LOVE LAUNDRY BASKETS. It's my favorite piece of luggage.

You may be thinking that I have clothes in my laundry basket. You would be WRONG.

My laundry basket will sit in my passenger seat as I travel to Boston. In the laundry basket are items falling into one of two categories.

1) things I will/might/could potentionally need during my drive. My operation beautiful kit, my water bottle, a paper copy of directions incase my gps freezes up, select CDs, advil, a jar of change for tolls or coffee stops, a paper cutter, a stack of magazines, perfume, my purse and camera, etc.

2) Things I don't want to get ruined during transit and therefore need to keep an eye on. Like a present. Or fresh flowers. Or a globe. Or my race registration confirmation paperwork.

The laundry basket in the front seat should be a Then Heather Said trademark, but the truth is, the laundry basket doesn't just accompany road trips.

I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think it all started in the dorm, when I was an RA. I would be working on an art/craft/class/bulletin board project in my room, not want to stop, and need/want to go to the lounge- so I would load up the basket and be on my merry way.

I also do this at my parents house. When I want to work downstairs but all my stuff is upstairs - just load up the laundry basket.

When I was a personal attendant for my former roommates wedding, I carried a laundry basket from one location to the next; loading it up in the morning with things I needed to drop off at various locations throughout the day.

The laundry basket has helped me cart bachelorette party stuff, decorations and favors to my black & silver 25th bday party, art supplies and treats to my small group, and just a bunch of junk to the office.

I love the laundry basket- and I think you might love it too. It's for more than just laundry. :)

And clearly, I should go to bed now as the laundry basket, traincase, grocery bags, weekender, and duffle are all packed and ready for my < 48 hour trip.

Do you tend to overpack or underpack for trips? What's one thing you never leave home without? Are you willing to try the laundry basket method??
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tardy: Troy Monster Madness Dash 5K Recap

Okay, it’s time.
I’ve put it off long enough. My second 5K is fewer days away than my first 5K is days ago- perhaps its time for me to post my recap?

I think so.

I feel like I was counting down the days until the Troy Monster Madness Dash 5K Run/Walk for just about a decade. I had first thought about running the race last spring, when I saw the bulletin board for the Capital District YMCA 5K Series in the YMCA I was attending for some “pre-wedding workouts”. The series includes six different 5K races, each in a different city in the NY State Capital District.

The Troy Monster Madness Dash 5K is the 5th in the series. I already had plans for the first weekend 5K in Albany. The second, in Glenville, was to be hosted the weekend of my Bachelorette Celebration in Denton, the third race, in Saratoga was WAY TOO CLOSE to the wedding date for me to assume I wouldn’t have other things to do that weekend (I am a procrastinator, and I’m not afraid to admit it.) And the forth race, in Guilderland, was the weekend following the planned wedding, and therefore was reserved for our Honeymoon. So the Troy Monster Madness Dash 5K was it, I decided.

The week after making this decision, I leisurely walked 3.1 miles from my office building to the Schenectady YMCA in about 50 minutes, and decided that even if I couldn’t run the entire thing, as long as I came in under 50 minutes, I would be happy. I was set on the Halloween race.

It didn’t occur to me until writing this post that after the wedding was cancelled, I should have signed up for the Saratoga and Guilderland 5Ks. Why didn’t I think about this until now? Oh, well. I digress.

I had been “training” since last spring, but I didn’t start REALLY focusing on my running until the week of the break-up. With no centerpiece flowers to make, no wedding decisions to finalize, no relationship to nurture, and no friends in the area, I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. And for the first time in a long time, I honestly asked myself what I wanted.

A few days after the relationship ended, my dad came to town. He had business meetings in NYC the following week, so he graciously changed his flight arrangements, came to Albany, and was my Superhero. He helped me put my life back together. And he spoiled me a bit. ( also- I think he gave my mom some sanity- I know she had a hard time being in Texas while I was in New York dealing with my broken heart alone- dad coming to the rescue seemed to calm her down a bit, I think.)

When he was in town, we stayed at a hotel nearby. One night, while watching Entourage in the room, I remember talking to Laura via text about how much I respected her new found love for running, and how I really wanted to follow in her footsteps. She had inspired me. And I was ready. But I didn’t know where to start.

Laura told me to go run as long as I could, and to keep track of how many minutes I could run before I stopped, and let her know, and we could make a running plan together. I had my very own running coach.

I changed into my gym clothes, laced up my sneakers, grabbed a bottle of water and headed down to the fitness center of the hotel. I turned Ace of Cakes on the television (because, really, what better to work out to than the food network ;) ), and I warmed up on a treadmill. I walked for ten minutes, then restarted the timer on the treadmill.

And I took off. I ran for 7 minutes, and managed to get to .55 of a mile. Wow. That wasn’t bad at all. I recovered for a few minutes, and then ran for 7 more minutes. Then recovered again. Then ran for 7 more minutes before cooling down. And I knew what I wanted. I finally asked myself what I honestly wanted, and I finally had an answer. I wanted to be a runner.

Not long after, I started the ever popular Couch-to-5K training program, but it didn’t last long. After the third week, I just started running my own interval plan. The longest I’ve ever run without stopping is just over 2 miles. Still to this day, I have run an entire 3.1 miles- and for a while this was a struggle for my ego- but eventually I realized that it’s okay for me to go at my own pace. What I need is to go at my own pace.

And so I continued to run (and walk and run again) and time myself. I noticed that sometimes, the days I do short intervals I finish 3 miles in a lot less time. When I run 2 miles, recover and run the remainder, I come in after 40 minutes. Yet, one day, I decided to 1 minute splits of running and walking, and made it to the finish line in just under 29 minutes. Apparently, my speedy run is a lot speedier than I anticipated.

But, my goal still remains to run 3.1 miles straight. Even if that’s something I have to work towards for a while, I know I will get there eventually.

Then Heather Said, “Yeah- but what’s the point?”

Oh- you came here to read my recap of my first race ever and I STILL haven’t gotten there? Sorry about that. I’m a bit long winded.

Ok- so my first race was last Saturday. By the time Friday came around I was so excited that my first race was only a day away. At work, I felt extremely giddy, and giggled whenever I thought about my crossing the finish line the next morning. A few times of thinking about the race and the training and the decision to “become a runner” made me tear up a bit. I was emotional. At work. On Friday. [is this normal?]

Friday night, I got ready for my race.
I made a yummy broccoli pasta dinner and spent my evening at home, relaxing, sipping tea and trying to calm myself down. I was definitely fending off butterflies most of the evening.

I made a few operation beautiful notes to wear, one on my pre-race zip up hoodie, and one on my costume. Here is the photo of the one I had on my hoodie, along with a stack of papers I brought along with me to the race.

Before going to bed, I started to get really nervous that I was going to forget something REALLY important in the morning. So I brought out my folding table and left myself some reminders:

I headed to bed quite early, and my excitement was not letting me fall asleep easily. I remember trying to count backwards from 100 about a dozen times before I finally was in deep slumber.

When my alarm sounded, I jumped right out of bed! No snooze button for me! I got ready, made breakfast, and triple checked my post it note to-do list, and then I headed off.

When I arrived at the Troy YMCA, I checked in and got my race number. Being the Monster Madness Dash, we were encouraged to dress up. My boss, Jen, helped me come up with this super easy to run in costume, a baseball player. Of course, the way I roll was to be there an hour before race time. Apparently, this is when a lot of “serious runners” check in as well. I took note that my baseball costume was sure unique, because everyone else I saw was either dressed in a runner costume, or a ymca staff member costume. Not very original, guys. But, I tried not to care too much that I didn’t get the matching costume memo;

And here is my Operation Beautiful note that I wore on my costume. I got the idea for "you are stronger than you think" from Ange, who wore a note like it to her half marathon. I thought it was such an encouraging mantra for other racers to read!

One of the women, Shannon, whom I started the race with took a photo with my Operation Beautiful sign and sent it to Caitlin for the blog. I was pretty excited to see it show up on Sunday Morning :)

Thankfully, a bit closer to race time, more runners in costumes showed up. Unthankfully, I didn’t get any photos.

The night before the race I had put a call for advice out on Twitter. A lot of people told me to make sure to start out SLOWLY- I have read a lot about the anxiousness for the race causing runners to start out super fast and then burn out before long, and I wanted to make sure not to do that. Also- Alex reminded me to HAVE FUN and that was on the top of my race priority list. This being my first race and on an unfamiliar course, I was aiming for a time of sub 40 minutes.

Right before the race started, I positioned myself towards the back of the runners. I talked to a few ladies who were also running their first races, and several who were also planning to do intervals.

When we took off across the starting line, I tried to run as slowly as possible. This lasted about three minutes. Soon, I could not hold it back, so I picked up the pace, just a little bit. Soon after, I found my groove, and carried on at a pace I was comfortable with.

The course was REALLY hilly. We ran near and on a golf course, and the uphills were killer. There was one major incline that seemed to go on FOREVER. Of course, this meant there were also some major downhills that definitely helped my time. I made sure to remember what Kath had said about making her strides long to take advantage of the down hills, and I tried to use my long legs to my benefit.

I took a few walking breaks throughout the race, mostly while I was taking drinks of water. After last week’s self peptalk, I was okay with walking when I needed to, and made sure not to be discouraged and pick my running right back up as soon as I caught my breath.

At the 3 mile mark [i'm assuming] a girl was yelling out our places as we passed her. When she pointed to me, she yelled "121!". I noticed a good number of people between me and the finish line, and I realized that now was the time to not hold ANYTHING back- and I started SPRINTING. I'm quite certain I was running faster than I have in the last year. I ended up passing 9 people! Here I am much later, at the finish line.

I ended up coming in 112th place with a time of 33:49- So much better than my 40 minute goal!

My next race is this Sunday in Boston. Laura, Stef and I are running the Luv2Run Boston 5K – and once again, I am super excited, but this time for a bunch of different reasons!

This will be the first time I am running with people I know. And I don’t just mean “running a race”, I mean running in general. I am looking forward to enjoying the running experience with two of my favorite people!

Not only is this my second race ever, it’s also in Massachusetts, which means that after Sunday, I am one state closer to my “Race in all 50 states” fitness bucket list goal! [only 48 more to go! ;) ]

I am determined to meet a goal. I haven’t decided yet which goal I am going to aim to complete. I am either going to try and run the entire way or beat my time of 33:49. I think I could definitely beat my time fairly easily. Also, I think running with Laura and Stef will help me to run for longer than I am able to on my own. (I am quite sure that the reason I can’t run 3 miles without stopping yet is purely mental.)

Do you guys have any suggestions on which one I should aim for?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can you view?

I think I finally have the photo issue figured out.
I'm not sure why, but Blogger didn't want a lot of you to see the photos I uploaded THROUGH the blogger site.
This was most frustrating because I could view the photos from both my work computer and my phone, but for some reason, no one else could.

So, I posted my photos on a different website and updated the photos in the last few posts streaming them directly from the other website.

Apparently, this seemed to have fixed the problem.
Can you see the photos in the last few posts now?

I'm sorry for the cruddy photo quality. I would REALLY like to use photobucket, google photos, snapfish or another photo uploading hosting site to upload photos from my camera for blogging use, but they are all blocked on my work computer. This is just ANOTHER of the many reasons why I really really really need to make the decision to invest in a personal computer.

I did write Santa a letter recently asking for a netbook or laptop to show up under the Christmas Tree this December. Hopefully it makes it to the North Pole. If I don't unwrap one on Christmas morning, I am definitely considering just making the leap and purchasing one.

I've gone a long time with out a personal computer, and I have managed just fine. Between my blackberry and using my work computer during lunch, I have still managed to blog several times a week, keep up with friends and family via social networking sites and email, and use google several hundred times a day. ;) But the more and more invested I become in this little blog, the stronger the desire for a computer of my own has become. I think I just need to do it.

The problem is, buying a computer STRESSES ME OUT. That's a lot of money for this thrifty girl who doesn't buy shoes unless they are on clearance (even though I get 40% off at the store in which I work), and refuses to buy her dishes at full price. (I'll wait for the Macy's sale, thanks. Even if it means having only two sets for several months, again, thanks.) How do I know I'm making a good decision? How do I know what I need or want? How do I know what will work best? How much software do I need to buy? How many years, or umm...days, until this will become outdated? Is this the right price? Can I barter here? Isn't there some kind of discount I can get because my heart was broken this year?

I'm a great shopper- I'm Cheap (edit: Thrifty!) i find the deals and I can fill a cart with $40 worth of product for $3.75- (it's been done!) But- this is SO HUGE. WHERE DO I START?

Ok- where do I start. Here. Give me your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions! Where should I look? What do you suggest? What do you love? What do you hate? I need to have a plan so I can start a "computer fund" jar ;)

[OR- maybe a millionaire will stumble upon this blog, sympathize and just send me a computer ;) That would be fine too.]

Eleven Twelve

Then Heather Said, "ELEVEN!"

You may remember a Top Ten Tuesday post a week or so ago, when I mentioned my carving my hand, along with this pumpkin.

The good news?
My hand is healing quite nicely! [although my dreams of being a hand model are flying out the window, as it seems I will have a nice scar for a while.]
The GREAT news?
I crossed off the 11th item on my 1001 in 101 list: Carve a Pumpkin.

When I carved my hand open, I did go into a sort of panic.
I managed to puncture the fleshy part of my left hand inbetween my thumb and pointer finger. It wouldn't stop bleeding, and I didn't know what to do.

Okay- that's not entirely true- I did know to put pressure on it, and try to stop the bleeding. I had a bit of a hem & haw situation on my hand as I tried to decide if I should go to the doctor or just the pharmacy. [my little apartment, while adorable, was lacking any real first aide supplies, other than two remaining bandaids my friend Megan had sent me in my "your heart may be broken but your life rocks" kit. Of course, I had no idea WHERE these bandaids were, i just knew that I put them "somewhere." classic.]

I paced my apartment for a while, keeping pressure on the wound, every so often letting out a cry to, well, no one, "it won't stop bleeding!"

Finally, the bleeding at least SLOWED DOWN enough for me to see the actual wound. It seemed deep, but it also seemed ridiculous for me to go to the Emergency Room. I thought about finding an Urgent Care Center, but working my blackberry was a bit difficult while trying to balance it on my leg, type with my pinky, and keep pressure on my wound.

Then I remembered that Laura had visited a CVS Minute Clinic not very long ago. I wasn't sure if all CVS's had minute clinics, but I decided that since the CVS Pharmacy was only a 2 minute walk from my apartment, that it was a much better solution than panicing in my apartment.

When I got to CVS, there was a LONG LINE at the pharmacy counter. So I spent sometime in the first aid aisle, looking at bandages. And I started to panic a bit.
[just in case you haven't figured it out quite yet, apparently, i am a baby.]
Was it necessary to have 56 different kinds of bandages? Really? I was overwhelmed trying to make a decision on what to get, so I moved on to "something to clean my wound".

"Which one stings? Alcohol? Hydrogine Proxide? Both?" Moving on.

Triple Antibotic Lotion- ten different tubes of various sizes all with extra adjectives. Pain Relieving. Quick Healing. Clear Gel. WHATEVER.

By this time, the tears had returned a bit. and i was telling myself what I had been avoiding in order to seem more like the responsible adult I should be (although, I suppose a responsible adult a)wouldn't have cut themselves and b)would have first aid stuff at their home). Anyway, I mumbled to myself, through tears, of course; "I WANT MY MOM!" And it was true. I wished I was in Denton, TX carving my hand open, because at least then my mom would be there to make it all better, make a decision for me in the bandage aisle, and even tell me I'm being ridiculous and to get a grip already! (yeah, right, like I was going to tell MYSELF that!)

After an elderly woman who had been having conversations with an invisable friend asked me if I was okay, I finally headed to the pharmacy counter.

I was handed over to the "consultant lady" who helped me find $23 worth of first aid products and assured me I didn't need to get stiches, and also, my hand was not going to fall off. She also didn't seem very impressed that my 3 sizes too big Cape Cod Sweat Shirt was covered in pumpkin guts, but whatever.

Like I said, my hand is looking A-okay now. Crisis averted. ;)

Then Heather Said, "TWELVE!"

After my 5K on Saturday, I stopped at Target to pick up some treats for the soon-to-be costume-clad Trick-or-Treaters I was anticipating at my apartment.
Jolly Ranchers. Check.
Mini-Tootsie Pops. Check.
Mega-Super-Blow Pops. Check.
Hersheys Bars. Check.
Spider Rings and Halloween Themed stickers. Check and Check.

As I was departing from the candy aisle, I passed the rows and rows of chewing gum and a little, pink, lightbulb appeared over my head.

DING![Apparently with sound affects.]

WATERMELON BUBBLICIOUS – into the cart you go.
Actually, Target didn’t have a package of Watermelon Bubblicious on it’s own, so I had to buy the variety pack- which was fine by me, because I was able to deposit 3 various packs of gum into my Halloween Bucket.

Fast forward to Saturday Night, after the trick-or-treaters had run home to dry off from the rain showers and start their sugar-buzzes in high gear, I watched some TV and opened up my first piece of the watermelon wonders that bring me back to my childhood:

I sat in my recliner and blew bubbles for approximently 90 minutes before realizing that the flavor had left this gum 89 minutes prior.

And then I went to bed.

Am I the only one that is this big of a wuss when it comes to injuries? When was the last time you hurt yourself? [don't worry- mine wasn't the cut. Yesterday I walked into a Nike box at work, and now I have a pretty bruise on my arm. sweet. ;)]

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lack of photos

I'm really not sure why so many people have problems viewing my photos on my posts lately.

If you can see photos, can you leave a comment and let me know?

Also- if you can't see photos, can you let me know if you are viewing my blog via google reader or are you putting my web address into your address bar - I want to work these kinks out for you guys asap! Please don't stop reading! I promise to fix things soon!! xoxox
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Top Ten Tuesday

1. First and Foremost
remember when I told you my best friend is preggo? Well, they found it it’s going to be a girl!!! BRING ON THE PINK!!! I was v. excited to see this on the HWTM Blog this morning- (and apparently, so was Danielle- as I just read an email she sent me with the same link :) )

from HWTM

I feel a trip to Baby Gap and a great big Etsy search coming on soon :) HOORAY!!!

2. Palmer Photography Ad
Did you notice the new ad to the right? Let me introduce you to Michelle Palmer, a photographer out of Louisiana.

Michelle got started with photography when she spent a semester in London. On her website she notes, “There were so many amazing things to photograph, and I wanted to really capture their beauty to show people back home. So, I took THOUSANDS of pictures and kept trying to get better. One of my favorite things to do is photograph something very ordinary, but do so in such a way that it becomes extraordinary”

Michelle has a Zazzle website where you can see and purchase her work! Check it out. [a few of her items are already on my Christmas wish list!]

3. Jenna Cole Photos
Back in July, I had a photoshoot with my 3 best friends while we were celebrating in Dallas. I am so blessed to have spent some time with Jenna of Jenna Cole Photography, and was so excited with the outcome!
I’ve had the photo cd for MONTHS now, and this past weekend I FINALLY got a FEW prints made.

I now have 4 frames with pictures matted and ready to be hung in my little apartment. [let’s see how long it takes me to place them ;)]

I love my photos with the girls, but I have gone through a bit of a transformation since we took these. I’ve lost over 15 pounds since then, my hair is much shorter, and I’m currently shining in my singleness and dancing each day as an independent woman (throw your hands up at me!) I’m hoping that sometime next year, after I reach my final weight loss goal, I can schedule another photo shoot with Jenna. She is just fabulous and I can’t recommend her enough!

4. Michelle’s Package

Michelle- good news. I mailed out your package today! You should be getting it soon! Thanks again to everyone who entered the Starbucks Thank You giveaway!

5. Have You Met Mark? – Here’s a little something you may not know about me – I’m a mark representative! Mark is a division of avon, it's quite exciting to be a part of a company I truly believe in.
mark is a beauty brand that celebrates remarkable young women who are making their mark in the world. mark was developed to celebrate young women and the difference they can and are making in the world today. The foundation of our brand is the philosophy of social beauty- the idea that women love to be social and want to be beautiful. With a vision to provide young women with a unique brand experience that engages them in a world of community, participation and empowerment, how could I turn down this opportunity?

Take some time to shop my mark e-store. [may I suggest you do some Christmas shopping?? Is it too early?]

6. Project Snow
It was early. It was cold. It was dark.
But I was not to be stopped.
This morning, after shutting off my alarm at 5:40 AM, I layered up, laced up, and headed outside to brave the cool weather and get my blood pumping. It was my first morning session of Angela’s Challenge Project Snow.

I started with a brisk 5 minute warm-up walk as I made my was from my apartment to the nearby park. The sun was just starting to rise over the lake when I arrived.

I ran down and up the 30 stairs 5 times, to get an extra lower body boost in my cardio, and then I took off to the small path that weaves throughout the park. I spent 15 minutes doing speedy intervals with quick recoveries, and did a quick cool down jog back to my apartment, where I took about 15 minutes to get a good stretch-session in (while watching THAT Morning Show on E!)

I have to admit, I’m very grateful that I decided to get up early this morning and get some movement in. It definitely pointed my day in the right direction.

7. Powerbar review:
Because I woke up early to run this morning, I had an opertunity to start my energy-bar reviews. I like to utilize bars before morning cardio sessions because they are easy to prepare (also see: tear open), often have a good carb to protein ratio, and allow to not work out on an empty stomach but also not feel bogged down an entire meal or lots of food. Because I was planning on a moderate cardio interval work out this morning, and not just running the entire way, I decided to only eat half of the bar before my workout.

Today’s bar is the PowerBar Nut Naturals Fruit and Nuts Bar
A cross between a jazzed up rice crispy and the granola bar your mom used to pack in your school lunch. It somehow managed to be both chewy and crunchy, as well as share the sweetness of fruit (strawberries & cranberries) and savory flavors of Nuts- almost like a pb & j

What I liked:
Real nuts, a full serving of whole grain, 10 grams of protein, three grams of fiber, and 16 vitamins and minerals. Hello nutrition in a few bites!

What I didn’t like:
It tasted like I expected it to- no pizzazz!

Final Thoughts: If this bar was available, I would eat it again- but I'm not sure I would spend money on it unless it was on mega-sale. So far I stand by the Larabar Gingersnap & Clif Nectar bars being my favorite. This PowerBar gets a B+ on my grading scale, though.

8. Challenges – It seems to be a month of challenges in the blog-o-sphere. I really wanted to take part in the Pile on the Miles Challenge (POTM) this month, but it looks like it’s a no-go. This challenge uses Google Documents to track miles ran/walked and the spreadsheet is not really practical from my blackberry. (did you know I do about 90% of my blog reading & writing on my blackberry?!? Yes- I do think this means I am a blog-a-holic!) So I’m not going to be tracking with the rest of the challengers on Google Docs, but I do still plan on keeping track of my miles for November.

Another Challenge spreading like wildfire, is a combination of Ange’s Get Your Glow Back and Caitlin’s Back on Track (more to come on that soon.) I have a post in the work detailing my own “Get Your Glow Back on Track” challenge I’ve decided on. Stay tuned ;)

9. DailyMile – I’m not even sure how I came across it, but last week I found myself registering for another website. According to the Daily Mile website, The Daily Mile is a social training log for runners, triathletes, and cyclists. On the DailyMile website you can track your training, races, and connect with other athletes.
I’ve met a few local runners on Daily Mile, and look forward to possibly meeting up to run with them soon!

10.Vote for Meghann
Can you do me a favor and jump on over here and vote for Meghann? She’s currently in 3rd place and would REALLY love this job, which is given to the blogger who earns the most votes. Go ahead- click over. It will only take a few seconds :) [and feel free to spread the word!]

[don't you worry. i promise i will get to my 5K recap soon.]

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009: Costumes x 3

This is a short photo story about the time I wore 3 costumes on Halloween.

Saturday Mornign I ran in the Troy YMCA the Monster Madness Dash. My boss, Jen, helped me come up with this super easy to run in costume, a baseball player.

After the race, I headed home to watch the Badger Game! I was super excited for their shut-out victory against Purdue. For my second costume of the day, I was a Badger Fan. [ok- that wasn't much of a costume ;) Clearly I am a Badger Fan ]

After the Badger Game I got ready for the Trick-or-Treaters. I was pretty stoked about getting to be an active part of my community [one of my goals for this year.] Because my apartment door doesn't really look like a seperate home enterance, I set up a few tables outside, that just so happened to go along with my 3rd costume of the day.

I was an Operation Beautiful Post It Note! :) I set up a little Operation Beautiful table as well, to spread the word about the great cause.

Of course, after about an hour of handing out candy and telling people about Operation Beautiful, it started to rain. So I had to move the tables inside, and I stood outside with an umbrella for a bit.

Frankenstein didn't like the rain:

But SuperGirl did brave it :)

Luckily, my neighbor invited me over to her covered porch to hand out candy while staying covered. I had a good time chatting with her and seeing all the little kiddos in their costumes. Halloween is one of the few times of the year I wish I had a baby to play with. [This is were Danielle's baby is going to come in handy ;) ]

What did you do on Halloween? Did you see any extra-creative costumes?

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I believe it was Mrs. Potts who said, "It's always best to start at the beginning." If this is your first time, why not jump back to where it all started:

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