Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre Holiday Hilarity

The Girl Who Couldn't Dance

After tweeting, "Question of the day: what music will hung-over heather choose to listen to in order to get her through the day", she decided on Pandora's Glee Cast radio, via blackberry, of course.

The last time she listened to Pandora on her blackberry was in her kitchen, last week, while baking for a birthday celebration. 

One thing you should know about Heather is that she likes to dance. She has very little rhythm and looks awkward every song, but that doesn't stop her. She dances while she brushes her teeth, she dances while she sells shoes, she dances in her chair as she is keeping up with her correspondence.  She can't help it- when there is music, she dances. The magic of the music gets a hold of her and her shoulders start to move. It ALWAYS starts in her shoulders.

So last Wednesday, while she baked cupcakes and glo bites galore, she listened to Pandora, on her blackberry, in her kitchen. And she danced. She felt her foot tap. And the wiggle. And the shimmy. And the shaking, and the quaking, and the spinning, and swaying, and turning and dipping. And while she danced, she sang along, often using her mixing spoon as a makeshift microphone and channeling her inner Miley.  And the volume for said Glee Cast radio was cranked. As high as it will go.  Which, considering we are talking about a blackberry here, is quite impressive. 

It should be noted that when sound in acoustics of her front office space [red stapler not included], really seems to carry.  This theory of carried tune was proven this morning when a coworker surprised Heather.

As the "Glee Cast" Pandora station uploaded it's first selection, the office staff's attention was forced towards Heather's desk.  One co-worker seemed especially interested.

He said, "Is that BUST A MOVE!?!?!?"
Then Heather Said, "sure is."
With what she could only describe as the excitement of receiving an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, he said, "I haven't heard this song since high school!! It's was my FAVORITE!"

Of course it was.

She mentally cursed the blackberry screen for showing her the busy, spinning hourglass as she continued to smash the "volume down button", hoping to intercept what her overtired imagination believed was coming- an office wide dance party featuring one too many "engineer dance moves" spotlighted down the hall turned runway. And, her biggest fear, her own I can't fight the music, dancing secret revealed. 

But it was no use- she felt her foot begin to tap. The wiggle.  The shimmy. And before she knew it her hips were shaking and her shoulders quaking, leading her to STAND UP and spin, and sway, and turn, and dip.  Until she channeled her inner Rhianna and was begging, "Please, don't stop the music!"

Then Heather Said, "Yes. I am going to get through today just fabulously."

It's the little things- like uniting over an over karaoked song, a maple frosted donut, Trivia Wednesday, and feeling the urge to dance even after a night of very little sleep.  It's the little things that keep me LOVING each day, in a town where I know very few people, feel homesick each night and often question, "What am I doing here?"  I am dancing. I am dancing here.  And that is enough for me.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday
Ten Things I Will Be Doing on Thanksgiving:
1. Waking up super early to head to Arlington, Vermont. I've never been to Vermont before, so this will be a milestone trip ;)
2. Running in the Arlington, VT Running of the Turkeys 5K Road Race. This will mark my third state to race in since I stated my Fitness Bucket List Goal of running a race in every state. For this race I'm going to try and beat my 5K PR, of 33:49.
3. Writing out Christmas cards. Sending Christmas Cards is one of my favorite annual activities. I already have all the prepwork done- I've addressed all the envelopes and gotten out my red and green markers/pens. I'm also planning on spreading some operation beautiful love in my cards this year- it's such a wonderful cause that I truly believe in and I can't wait to incorporate it into my Celebration of Self Holiday Season.

4. Pizza & Ice Cream. When I am not with my family on Thanksgiving Day, I have a little tradition of eating my own special dinner. It started back in high school one November when my family traveled to Chicago and I stayed in Wisconsin, Having my dear friends Danielle and Jen over for a late Thanksgiving evening gathering- Red Baron Four Cheese Rising Crust Pizza and a Fudge Brownie topped with Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and Hot Fudge. It's TRADITION and I will (hopefully) be partaking in said tradition this year. Although- this year I plan on adding lots of veggies to the pizza, making a salad to accompany, and probably not eating anywhere near as much pizza as I used to back in the day. I've found that naturally my portion sizes have been growing smaller as I've been filling up on more WHOLE foods and watching my intake of protein and fiber each day, as well as staying well hydrated.
5. Watching Friends. I can't imagine anything more perfect to have on my TV than a collection of Thanksgiving Friends episodes. Nothing gets me laughing as much as Monica/Joey with turkeys on her/his head. And The One with the Football is one of my top five favorite episodes, so I'm sure that will be viewed, as well.


6. Getting Really Excited for the Bloggie Secret Santa- the deadline to sign up is FRIDAY. Make sure you email Danielle if you want to be involved in the swap! We would love to have you be apart of the gift exchange :)

7. Handprint Turkey. What more would you want?


8. Whittling My Middle. As the love hate relationship with this challenge continues. Thanks, Ange. I love you/despise you for thinking this up ;)

9. Posting on Gratitude. Along with 99% of bloggers in America. Can't wait to hear what you are all thankful for, too! :)

10. Going to bed at a decent hour. As clearly I have to work on Black Friday at the store. I plan on turning up my Holiday Spirit to FULL BLAST and spreading cheer to all ;) [also may wear reindeer antlers such as these:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decoration Breeds Declaration

Usually, on Monday night at 8:00 I have a long distance girl time date with my dear friend R.Davis. We spend one hour together, via text messaging though thousands of miles away, watching One Tree Hill. I cherish this time each week, because even though we aren't in the same room, and we don't even hear one anothers voices, I feel the least lonely on Monday nights at 8:00.

Last week, at 8:59, during the "next time on One Tree Hill", we learned that the next new episode will not air until November 30th, and therefore tonight's episode was going to be a rerun.

Regardless, I knew I should stay home tonight- spending some much needed time tidying up the apartment, and in my honest opinion, even more importantly- bringing out the holiday decor.

So this week's "least loney Monday" played a different tune. Instead of sitting crosslegged on my living room floor, I watch the One Tree Hill rerun while keeping busy doing housework, moving from one room to the next. Still conversing with R.Davis about the happenings of the episode, though not being as focused on the drama of the Scott family. And suddenly, as my unpacking of decorations grasped my full attention, "least loney Monday" became "surprise! This may haunt you forever Monday".

After uncovering my former fiance's old stocking, and three ornaments all stating "You're Engaged!" in one form or another, I was reminded that I will quite possibly always be reminded.

We said we were in love, we were engaged, we planned our future, we planned a wedding, we thought we knew what was to come; a walk down the aisle to lead to a first dance, a first house, and a first day of kindergarten sometime down the road.

I thought we knew what was to come and today I was reminded that I didn't know, I never knew- and never imagined that this is where I would be today. In my apartment, alone and single, in a town I never knew of and without him. As I unwrapped the tissue from the ornament in the same slow, delicate manner I unwrapped the paper covering it as I received it from him last Christmas, I realized that today is the day to declare it.

I declare this holiday season a celebration of singleness- a time to ring in cheers of girl time, and toast to how much better of a Heather I am today than I was last year at this time.

I declare it time to find the joy in each and everyday- and even more so, to SHARE it. With people I love, those I see daily, pals I only know through the internet, and strangers. I declare I wish BIG, all season long. Wishes for me and wishes for others. I declare I will wrap my mood up in red and green and purple and gold; finishing it off with a large, fluffy bow, all the while humming Jingle Bell Rock or reminding my self that Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I declare this winter's snow to be filled with magic- and love and calm and simplicity and happiness. And only this. And not just the first snow, and Christmas snow, but EVERY SNOW. I declare the snow will be FUN to shovel, and safe to drive through, and beautiful even when it's slushy. And I will dance as it is falling, and spin until I am falling.

I declare this the least lonely of holiday seasons, yet. And I declare that I don't know, and I won't know, and that is wonderful, and exciting, and keeps me from sitting stagnant in the familiar. And that makes all the difference.

And I believe it.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Words from the Past

Blogging by blackberry, again.

I've shared before about my elusive green books. Today, I sat down and took a trip down memory lane- each page taking me to a different season of the last 13 years of my life.

Sometimes when I read passages from these books, or other journals, I become a bit embarassed. I've even thought about throwing out the books a few times, or tearing out certain pages- but I continue to hold on to them and fight the urge to take a sharpie to words that make me feel queasy.

But sometimes I don't feel like having a green book bon fire; I read a few sentences and I am transformed to the girl I was before. I feel the same things I felt back then- I remember the sounds I heard as I was writing, and the way my day went, the way my heart beat faster or the sting of the tears in the back of my eyes. Sometimes I am thankful for my documenting years ago, because I can sit in those memories and recollect the emotions- and the romantic in me loves to remember the good days, the butterflies, and even the bitter sweet goodbyes.

A few short snipets from the past- starting with a "typical 13-year old girl's poem". Ha.

I sit alone.
No one to talk.
No one to listen.
Only hearing my own thoughts.
Dark. Empty. Peaceful. Beautiful.
The ticking of an overhead clock keeps a steady beat to the thoughts
in my world of
silence. " - January 1997

"It's moments like this and feelings like these I want to wrap up in a box and cherish. Save for another day. So when I start to drift, when I start to fade, when I start to forget; I can just lift the lid, take a little peek and be led right back." - september 2001

"Today is the homesick day.
Today is the day I listen to Dave CDs all day long. I have enough of them to not have to listen to the same one twice.
Today is the day I rely on the little things to pick me up.
Today is the day I wish I was back on campus, in the dorm, watching Friends episodes with the girls, laughing while eating Gumby's or Big Mikes.
Today is the day I miss playing soccer on the hill. Each and every morning before class. I'd give anything to be running drills while the sun rises.
Today is the day I remember too much what it felt like to feel like myself. As I sing along, every lyric that passes reveals another memory of home.
Today is the day I rest in sadness and long for before. And don't feel bad about it at all." - october 2003

"I love March Madness.
I love having brackets all over my desk, hanging on my door, near the dorm tv, one in my car, and one in my Bible. Yes, my Bible.
I love dressing in team garb. My team, her team, his team, any team.
I love the NCAA commercials. I hope Joe* makes one some day.
I love having a fun excuse to take some personal time off from work. Round one mid-day games are so much more fun than any appointment I could possibly have.
I love suddenly becoming passionate about teams I've only seen play a few games during the season.
I love how an online bracket can connect old friends who live a nation apart.
I love how it's more than a holiday, it's a month long celebration.
I love the memories collected during March throughout the years.
I love that once your favorite team loses, you find yourself high fiving strangers after sunken free throws, cheering on teams you cursed over during football season.
I love that pizza and wings never tasted as good as they do during the final four.
I love that the girl who picks her bracket based on uniform designs or the cuteness of team mascots undoubtedly will beat my choices every single year.

*one of my very best friends, Joe, runs fast. And he was a NCAA track star. And he holds a world record. And I'm proud ;)

When was the last time you took a trip to memory lane? Have you ever flipped through an old yearbook, notebook or journal? Do you still relate to the person you were back then?

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