Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One way to cure fat talk


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I've got a couple of events coming up that I need to look cute for, and even though I have a closetful of clothes, I'm plagued with the classic "nothing to wear" syndrome. I got 3 dresses on Friday night (all on clearance – I refuse to pay full price for anything!) and promptly modeled them for Jenny (thanks for the feedback, babe!!).


I'm planning on wearing this one this weekend to a friend's wedding; it's not my favorite, but it fit well and actually cinches my waist a bit. I'll show off the others later.

New dress

I was just looking through the photos when the fat talk started…

"you can't even tell I have a waist"

"I look so square and squatty"

"my arms are ginormous; I'll have to keep my cardigan on all night"

"chipmunk cheeks"


I was feeling so depressed looking at these pictures because, save for the hundred gallons of beer I drank on Saturday, I've been doing really well lately with my eating and exercise.  It was then that I decided to whip out an external hard drive and look at photos from a wedding I attended last July.

That totally nipped the fat talk in the bud.

July 2009 July 2009

Then the depressing "how did I let myself go so far?" thoughts set in, the ones that do me no good because I can't change the past. I remember feeling like I looked good at that wedding. At least in comparing these pictures, I know I'm doing good for myself now and that by continuing to make better choices, it'll only get better from here.

How do you snap yourself out of negative self-talk?


Things you can do from here:


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