Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One way to cure fat talk


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I've got a couple of events coming up that I need to look cute for, and even though I have a closetful of clothes, I'm plagued with the classic "nothing to wear" syndrome. I got 3 dresses on Friday night (all on clearance – I refuse to pay full price for anything!) and promptly modeled them for Jenny (thanks for the feedback, babe!!).


I'm planning on wearing this one this weekend to a friend's wedding; it's not my favorite, but it fit well and actually cinches my waist a bit. I'll show off the others later.

New dress

I was just looking through the photos when the fat talk started…

"you can't even tell I have a waist"

"I look so square and squatty"

"my arms are ginormous; I'll have to keep my cardigan on all night"

"chipmunk cheeks"


I was feeling so depressed looking at these pictures because, save for the hundred gallons of beer I drank on Saturday, I've been doing really well lately with my eating and exercise.  It was then that I decided to whip out an external hard drive and look at photos from a wedding I attended last July.

That totally nipped the fat talk in the bud.

July 2009 July 2009

Then the depressing "how did I let myself go so far?" thoughts set in, the ones that do me no good because I can't change the past. I remember feeling like I looked good at that wedding. At least in comparing these pictures, I know I'm doing good for myself now and that by continuing to make better choices, it'll only get better from here.

How do you snap yourself out of negative self-talk?


Things you can do from here:



  1. I found your blog from Lauren's blog. I do the same thing you do when little miss negativity pops in my head...I look at old pics and think of how far I've come (I've lost 95 lbs, but still have 50 more to go). It's hard sometimes when you want it to be a sprint, but we all know it's a very long marathon! You look beautiful and the dress fits you marvelously! =)

  2. great post and i think that top photo looks adorable :-) i don't know about the negative other than to confess the positive :-) Good luck and good luck on new years resolutions!!


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